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2010-06-05 - Pandora is playing: Slip'n Slide by Edenfeld

I keep thinking I'm going to let my Diaryland down if I post an entry without pictures.

I haven't been taking any pictures lately, honestly, I don't really like my new camera. It's a cheap version of my old one. And when I purchased it, I thought it was the latest and greatest version of it... I was wrong. It fails to inspire me! And the batteries run out faster, because there's only 2, and my old camera takes 4 batteries.

We saw Splice last night. It was good. I like Sarah Polley a lot.

I made coffee. I've been making coffee lately in the plunger pot. Someone made fun of me about a month ago for not owning a drip coffee maker, and I yelled at them revealing their turdness.

Dear Annanotbob,

Thank you for inspiring me to start swimming. With my bum heel, I'm not able to do anything, and it was really pissing me off. Then I kept reading your diary and you talk about swimming all the time, and it makes you feel goood. And I was like, I want to be like that! So, we have this little lap pool in the courtyard of our apartment complex, it's only got, like 4 1/2 feet of water in it, but I'm 5 1 & 1/2, so it's perfect. Anyway, I've been swimming for about a week and half now, and it's really helped out my heel a ton, wouldn't you believe it! THANK YOU! Your the fucking bomb on this site, man.

Love, Acorn

OK, so as I mentioned I made coffee, and I love it! I bought some Chock full o Nuts, I've told you this already I believe.

So about my stupid heel, I've got about 2 more weeks of therapy before I see my doctor again. He's a podiatrist. It's slowly starting to feel better, it really is. There's just this numb spot on the side of my heel, I think where it was hit by the motorcycle or something. I still don't know what exactly happened.

I've got an hour to pack. I have to go to Austin this weekend for work. There's some sort of annual meeting for this professional association I'm a member of, yay. Instead of packing, I'm communicating with you. You!

Oh, and speaking of swimming in the pool, if I get up and out to the pool before 11 (on the weekends, of course), there's hardly anyone out there, so I get my 30-45 minutes of swimming in (and listen, I have no idea what I'm doing out there. I'm flailing about, I keep my head above water the whole time because I don't have a clue what to do with goggles - do I purchase a pair? What the hell? - I mostly do the side stroke and some kind of breaststroke, and sometimes that other stroke where your arms come out of the water one after the other, what's that called? Freestyle?), and then I get to lay out in the sun and get a tan! I'm going to look like the Chicana I am by the end of the summer, I tell ya. Richard comes out with me and sits in the shade on his laptop while I do my thing. He's so supportive. He can get our wireless, too! Sweet. Technology is groovy. Gingers have to watch out for the sun.

So more on my heel - I'm supposed to wear the orthotic boot all the time, but I didn't wear it for 3 days over the long weekend, and paid the price Tuesday. Ow.

Oh shit, speaking of Tuesday - I went out to my car that morning and some idiot had broken into my car! (This is the 3rd time I've had a car broken into since moving to Houston in 2003.) They smashed in the front passenger window, and took my aux cable a phone charger. It wasn't even in sight. Stupid fucks. So, Richard took me to work after we dropped my car at the shop, then picked me up after work and took me to the store so I could get a new charger. And he had an old aux cable for me, so by 8pm, everything was right as rain again. But man, that took a chunk out of our wallet. And then I found out later that about a dozen cars got broken into that night, all in the same parking garage. Yes, I was parked in a parking garage, can you believe it! What a load of crap.

You gotta see I'm Here - the online Spike Jonze movie. It's so good, so emotionally moving. It's a love story about robots. =D

OK, I really must go pack now. For reals.
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