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2010-06-15 - el uno

My "last" day of therapy for my heel was today. Tomorrow I see the Dr. for a verdict of whether or not I still have to wear this stupid boot and/or need more therapy. Apparently I have some nerve damage. The heel may or may not have been fractured, but that's not so much the problem anymore. Even with insurance, therapy is costly, thank my boyfriend for helping pay for it (most all of it.) I can't jump around, I'm supposed to wear the boot all the time, sucks!

I skipped my last hair appointment last month, and I'll probably skip my next one, too. We're kinda broke right now.

I'm going crazy not being able to work out. And I'm agitated and cranky at work, people are still all like, "Awwww what happened to your foot?" I know they care, and yeah at first I liked the attention, but now I'm like shaddup.

Work's absolutely nuts. We just tripled our department, things are a happening. Apparently I'm getting a promotion, I think it goes into affect in a month, yay.

I finally got rid of the toaster oven from when I lived with Wade. I never ever used it, and it was just taking up space on the counter where bottles of hard liquor should be anyway. Bye bye! He's still not talking to me. I text & call. Nothing. I want to tell him all about Thor and Oso dying, I want to hear about his new life as a dad, what's he doing for employment, how his family is and our nephews, well, technically they're not my nephews anymore, but I will always love them & wonder how they're doing. Oh well, what can I do? He's being a douche, and I'll just have to catch him at a later date & just keep honesly trying.

I am crashing. I've got to rest up for the busy weekends, still have that raging social life with my One. You know how lucky are? We who find the One?

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