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2010-06-26 - the Leeches & Party Poopers

I haven't paid my gold membership dues, they were due on the 6th. I need to.

The Dr. said no more boot! But he's like, "You still need therapy." And I was like, "Can I do Bikram instead?" So he's like, "What's that?".

So I've been back to Bikram twice this week & it's been real real good. I'm ok on weight bearing stuff, it's the side of my heel that's all fucked up, still. I had to go purchase 4 pairs of new shoes that don't have backs, I can't have anything touching my heel, or else it hurts. At least I got some cute new shoes out of this.

Through this I made a resolution to myself: don't ever wear scuffed up shoes, ever again. (Well, unless it's my knee high black boots I wear dancing.) I threw away 4 pairs of shoes. It felt really good. One pair was red clog looking things that Wade used to love, but I never used to like very much (and don't ever wear)... gone!

He just had a baby, so he's got the advantage of massive levels of oxytocin clouding his brain with "love" and motherly/fatherly instincts... of course he's over me and my red clogs.

So yeah, the side of my heel, the point of impact, it hit nerves and really bruised the bone. It's strange... the pain comes & goes, sometimes it's numb, most times it's numb. The heating pad was making it feel good the other night. I can't really touch my heel with anything, it hurts. I'm banking on this yoga, Diaryland.

So, we were having problems with the wireless internet at our apartment (it kept getting knocked out), and Richard figured out what the hell the problem was - some stupid fuck's *car alarm* was interferring with the signal. No shit! He figured it out whilst printing from his (wireless) printer, and was like, "Huh!" And his geeky detective brain took over from there. He changed some setting or something like that in our router thingy. We've had no problems since.

I love all things geek.

My kitty's asleep on my legs, she's all warm. She meowed a sentence the other morning, I think she was telling me to get up and feed her breakfast. I swear, it was like 7 little meows in a row, some were little murmur sounds (prrrrr/meow), each distinct. I love her.

She won't play with the laser pointer. The other cats go berserker over it!

Richard's all asleep beside me in the bed. I give him kisses in his sleep. He's got to go to work today, maybe I'll go to yoga.

I think I may get the new iPhone in November. That's when my current provider contract expires.

Work is still insane! It makes me feel good to work hard.

I need to find a creative outlet. My horoscope today said to not let the leeches and party poopers get in my way.

Fuck the leeches and party poopers!!!

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