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2010-07-18 - Easy like Sunday morning

I'm on the cleanse, it's day 3. It's been pretty rough. I think I jumped from kicking caffeine into the cleanse too fast. I've had a headache (verging on a migraine) for 3 days now, so I broke down & took an aspirin this morning. I'm hoping today will be better. It's 11 am and I just am now managing to get my ass up and do the salt water flush.

It got really bad last night after all 7 of us went to buffalo wild wings. I will *never* go there again, unless it's just to drink. Their food is such shit, it's not really food. I didn't eat any, I just drank water... and I think that's what made me sick last night. I was up til 3:45 in the morning fighting it. I can't even tell you exactly what was wrong, I just felt so so so so weird! I had a horrible headache, all these weird scary thoughts were racing through my brain, I just focused on my breathing & staying calm. I watched some tv, the history of Soul Train - did you know that show was on for 35 years! Tons of amazing musical artists passed through the gates to stardom on that show.

So finally around 4 me & my kitty went to bed and I snoozed for about 4 hours, then Richard and I woke up and watched more tv. Then I slept for 2 more hours.

Friday I went to noon Bikram and it was an awesome class. There were only 21 people in class, I took a spot on the front row & I rocked it.

Yesterday I did Turbo Jam, hadn't done that in a while.

Last night I went to my very first Roller Derby. Loved it, although our team got creamed! It was like, 28-217 or something insane like that. I still need to get skates. Roxy said she'd get some skates whenever I do, and we're gonna practice in the hallway of my apartments. Plus, every Tuesday there's this practice for chicks who want to learn to skate. This is perfect for me! Where else am I gonna find a chick-exclusive group that focuses on exercise AND badassness? I even thought of a name for me: Vendetta.

One small problem: my stupid heel. I need to get some sort of protective padding to put on the side of my heel. Maybe I should go back to my podiatrist dude.

So it's Sunday. I've got a Pampered Chef party to attend at 3, then we're going to go to an outdoor theater thing later on in the evening. Hopefully we won't be out too late. I was hoping to go to yoga today, but I'm not really feeling up to it.

It might rain today. Actually, I just heard the thunder roll.

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