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2010-07-19 - Coughing on Day 4

Yesterday was great. I went to the Pampered Chef thing and saw a bunch of my bike friends. It was way the fuck out in Tomball (Yes, there's a suburb of Houston called Tomball. And you have to say it with a Texas drawl when you pronounce it, it has to have at least 4 syllables.)

I bought 4 things: a bad ass 10" skillet with a rubber grip that you can put in the oven up to 400F, a pair of long tongs with tiny grips at the end, some more of those 2"(the blade is 2") paring knives that keep disappearing (they are great for peeling garlic, then chopping it into tiny cubes), and a very nice spatula. The one I have, the handle keeps warping because I put it in the dishwasher. This pan I'm getting, you can't put it in the dishwasher.

I never really got a good set of pans and stuff when I got married back in 2002. We got cash from everybody and used it to go to Europe for our honeymoon. When Wade moved out, he didn't take anything with him, except for his personal things. So I got left with all the kitchen equipment. It works, it's just not new. Every now and then, I like to splurge on something nice for my kitchen adventures. I needed a good skillet for sauteing onions, and making multiple (small) pancakes in one pan.

I had to drive a total of 56 miles for the Pampered Chef party. Damn!

Then I got home & we hooked up with a bunch of friends and watched the outdoor theater version of Little Shop of Horrors. I've never seen the movie. It was OK, I just really really really hate musicals, unless it has Julie Andrews or Bjork in it.

So we got home late, and I didn't fall asleep until around 11 or 12. It's so nice to fall asleep in Richard's arms. He's my peacefulness, my zen. I can fall asleep so easily in his arms.

So yeah, yesterday was so much better, being on the cleanse and all. I didn't take anymore aspirin, just that one in the morning.

Work has been crazy since I got the promotion and all. I worked through lunch, seeing as I'm not eating. I didn't have anything better to do. I got off at 5:30 and went to Bikram.

Man, the class was awesome. My breathing is getting so spot on, seeing as I'm going into my 3rd year of doing it. It was a super-hot/humid class because it's been raining here like a mother lately. Everything is soggy.

I kicked out more than I ever have during standing head to knee. And I'm really trying so much harder with my triangle, today was the best I've done in a good long while. And it's weird, the poses that I can feel it in my bum heel. I try to work through those as best as I can, each time I go to class I try to focus on getting better at those particular ones, because of my stupid heel.

OK, so I'm on day 4 of the cleanse. Blah blah blah. This time around, I'm not craving anything. It's weird! Usually I'm so fixated on food, at least something! And my body is really enjoying being off the caffeine, I can feel it. I really was drinking way too much, for my own personal constitution anyway.

I listend to "to the sky" by the Cure on youtube just now, it's such a lovely song. Richard plays it sometimes on his computer, and it fills the apartment. It's *such* a great song. It reminds me of high school, when I was going to public school for the very first time in 9th grade, I discovered Ministry and college radio. I went to my first rock show when I was 15 in San Antonio: the Revolting Cocks.

Richard and I were talking about how happy we are together. I mean, not just together, but independently we're both in really good places in our lives right now, and we've both worked really, really hard to get where we are. We both kick ass at our jobs, we both play hard, it's a great balance. We both push ourselves to get the very best out of life. Yeah, maybe I'm in too much debt than I really should be, but I'm managing it as best I can. I guess that's the one thing I'd like to work harder at, but who isn't?

OK, I gotta get off the computer. Staring at the screen is giving me a headache. And I think it has a little to do with yoga. too. Sometimes it gives me a headache. I need to properly rehydrate. I sweat so frickin much.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you: with this cleanse I started coughing today. I think I'm getting rid of all the toxins I've acquired from smoking reefer lately. I was actually considering smoking reefer while on this cleanse, but then thought better because that would be counterproductive. Did I tell you this in my last entry? I can't remember. I didn't tell you about the coughing, though.

Peace out.

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