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2010-07-24 - End of the cleanse - Day 9

I feel like a million bucks.

Today was day 9 of the cleanse, and I broke my fast today. I went to noon Bikram, then came home and made some fresh squeezed OJ. Talk about decadent when you haven't had solid food in 9 days! I got down to 114 pounds again this time, started at 121. So I'm feeling mighty sexy & skinny right now, and really really strong. I went to Bikram 3 days during this cleanse. The first time was Monday and it made me so fucking ill. I thought I was going to die when I got home. I stirred up some nasty stuff in my body, boy I'm telling YOU. I had such a horrible migraine, so I took an aspirin. It made the headache go away, but then I got super nauseated. It was pretty rough.

Then about day 6 or 7 I started to feel really super awesome and it lasted the rest of the cleanse. I had so much energy, which was really good timing because this week at my job - it was insane. My boss was on vacation. I am doing my old job + my new job at the same time, been coming in at 7:30 and staying way way past 5:30 each night.

Thursday's yoga was one of the best classes I've ever had in my life. Then today's class was even BETTER. Man, I'm like on this fucking high, it's incredible. I keep pushing and pushing and pushing my body and mind to these insane levels. I mean, how hard can you push yourself?

Richard keeps me real real grounded. I'd float away from this earth if it weren't for him.

Yeah, so today I had the OJ, then made this really nice salad for a dinner party we're going to tonight (cucumber, tomatoes - both chopped - fresh mozzarella cheese chunks, basil, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, blanched onions and a little sugar - YUM), put that in the fridge to marry up, then made some soup for myself to break my fast even more: black beans, mix veg, sauteed onion, garlic + kale, in a little chicken broth and water, it was so good! Then Richard and I shared a mango for dessert. I feel so awesome, food is so good.

Peace out.

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