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2010-08-01 - combat boots + progress

My cat is upset with me because I treated her for fleas. I treated all 3 kitties for fleas. How did they get fleas? They are 100% indoor pets. I think one of our friends has fleas, I'm not joking. People can have fleas, you know. Gross!!! Now I have to clean the apartment.

This week I was in Florida visiting with family. 10 of us total, my insane father was not invited. My older sister & I were the outliers. It was nice to see my mom so happy to be around all of us family, and not have my dad domineering everything.

I flew back Thursday and went to work Friday. 1 day of hell, then I got the weekend to recover. Then Monday won't be so bad.

At work, we've hired the new "me" and I get to train her. I hope I have lots of patience and clarity of explaining things to her. There's so much information to cover. It took me a whole year before I really started to feel confident about my job.

We went to a new bar (to us) last night and loved it. There were very nice bartenders who knew their shit, and a large back outdoor hang out/seating area with fans, because it's so hot in Houston, even at night.

Then we went to the midnight movie: Robocop. I'd never seen it. It was so awesome! I fell asleep for about 20 minutes. Richard slept through pretty much the whole thing. Our other friend, he watched the whole thing and claims to have fondled us while we slept.

Friday night we saw Dinner for Schmucks. That is one funny movie. Go! See! It!

I went to yoga Friday after work + also Saturday morning. Good for my heel, indeed. I don't have to use the folded-up-towel-as-a-pillow anymore on the side of my heel during savasannah. YaY! Progress! I am so happy about this. I even wore my combat boots yesterday all day, and there was touching of the side of my heel and I'm in a little pain today, but I think it's not a fucking tragedy! I'm not going to get beat down.

My pampered chef items have arrived, according to my friend. I won't actually receive them until next week. Balls! I want my new 10" skillet!

I am hoping to pay $$ here on d'land today so I can update my account and be able to upload/post pictures here again. I've actually been taking pictures again. I guess I don't hate my new camera that much anymore.

I still continue to get compliments on my hair. I have not washed it or styled it with product in over a month, maybe even 2 months. I don't even know. My head has reached this profound equilibrium with its naturalness. Die shampoo and the fashion world that says we have to shampoo EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I honestly don't know how far I'm going to take this one, y'all.

My cat's not as mad at me as she was last night.

Oh. My. GOD! I forgot to tell you! Lady Gaga did Bikram at the studio I go to!!! She was sweating in the exact same room I was in, only a week earlier. Crazy! She did a private lesson with her mom & bodyguard. I talked to the instructor who taught her. She told her she does hot yoga 3 times a week. Wow!

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