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2010-08-14 - stuffed poblanos

The new "me" starts on Monday. My new role at work is going swimmingly. I stayed late yesterday at work to clean out her cube, my pregnant coworker that quit: that was her old cube and it was *filthy*! I think she ate soup a lot, and there were spots of soup everywhere. Gross. I used windex + paper towels because that was the only thing I could find to clean with. I threw away a lot of old crap, too. Tons of papers that she had kept for *years* that had no relevance or reason to be kept... everything is electronic anyway! She was really old fashioned: she kept hardcopies of EVERYTHING. Really unnecessary to do that.

My heel still hurts. I'm probably doing too much on it in inappropriate shoes. Plus I haven't been to Bikram in 2 weeks, been doing Turbo Jam + I love it. One of my friends gave me a new video and I'm learning it. I like it a lot so far.

I washed my hair the other day for the first time in about 2 months. It felt weird.

I've been cooking dinner a lot lately after work, and we're saving some $$ by doing that. I made stuffed poblano peppers the other day, they were killer! I stuffed them with a mixture of black beans, corn, cumin, corriander + goat cheese. Then I blobbed some corn bread batter (yes, made from scratch) over them and baked them for about 45 minutes while I made Spanish rice. OH GOD FUCK YEAH that was a tasty meal. The cornbread got all crusty and nice on the outside of the peppers.

Of course, still making the usual banana bread, and pasta with garlic, fresh tomato + basil. I made this awesome garlic oil stuff: you remove a shit load of garlic from the casings by mashing it with the flat side of your knife, throw it in a baking pan with crushed red pepper, lots of fresh squeezed lime juice, then cover it with almost a whole bottle of olive oil and bake it at 325F for, oh, 30 minutes to an hour? Goddamn, your house will smell good. Then take it out, let it cool, then mash the garlic as best you can. I used a big fork, but a potato masher would probably work better, only I don't have one.

Richard told me about the garlic recipe, he saw it on tv. You put it all in a jar and you can use the oil to cook with, or the garlic, or both. The applications for this stuff are endless!

We went dancing last night. Probably why my heel hurts this morning. It's almost noon , and I'm still in bed with the kitties. Richard's out doing work stuff. He works so hard. God does he work hard. He never stops. He's like me. It's hard to pin us down and make us stop.

He takes out the trash + empties the trash cans and takes out the trash. I feed the kitties and clean out the litter boxes.

We make each other rock hard hard rock hard hard rock rock hard rock rock!

Rock paper scissors lizard Spock.

I should probably get up now. I need to clean our apartment, there's cat hair everywhere! I got the FURminator and believe you me, it works.

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