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2010-08-26 - television cartoon

I've been working so late these past few weeks. It's been difficult to find the time + energy to get physical exercise.

I'm getting off at noon tomorrow, maybe Richard and I can go to the gym together.

My kitty hates her kitty holster still. I have to give her more time. She's mad at me, though. She didn't sleep beside me last night like she usually does, in the crook of my legs, behind my knees as I lay on my side. Broke my heart! Stupid cat.

I love her.

Oh my God, she just jumped on my lap as I was talking about her! She got the vibe. She + I are connected.

I keep forgetting to tell you about this cartoon I've been watching on CN (Cartoon Network). It's called Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. It's the most insane shit I've ever seen in my life. It's even more insane than Ren & Stimpy. And I'll have you know, the dude who does the voice for Jake is also the voice behind Bender of Futurama. Good times good times. One of the characters is Lady Rainicorn: half rainbow, half unicorn. Also is Ricardio, shaped like a big red heart with arms and legs, voiced by George Takei. I learned all this from Wikipedia woop woop.

Off to do some more Turbo Jam.

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