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2010-09-02 - true love

The chick I'm training, the new "me"... I can only imagine the new neural net that is being formed inside of that little head of hers. I love her questions. She comes into my cube, and I drop whatever I'm doing and give her 100% of my attention and answer her question(s) as best as I can. I'm bound + determined to not be an asshole like the chick who trained me... she was a cocksucker cunt hole: intolerant, close minded, negative, not at all understanding, stand-offish. I will be none of these things! The new "me" is my baby, I will train her so that she goes home feeling good about her accomplishments. I don't want her to quit, actually. This job is HARD. It'll take her 6 months to a year to really start to "get" it. That's how long it took me!

I jogged again last night after work. This time for 30 minutes. My heel feels so good during. Today it hurts, but not as bad as it did on Monday after jogging on it 2 days in a row. I'm doin it!

Bicycling update: MS150 friend wants to ride Saturday morning. Might ride the cruiser pirate bike. I'll let you know what gets decided. I am the decider!

I get off at 3 tomorrow. Gonna take my man out to dinner, romance is not dead!
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