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2010-09-24 - making your own t-shirts is fun

This was me last Friday.
D land

Tonight I'm wearing this T-shirt I made. If you haven't see the Double Rainbow dude on YouTube, you have to.

D land

Here's the Double Rainbow dude.

Went out to dinner and saw this cool light fixture. Richard says it looks like amber.

D land

This plant was outside the restaurant. It had just rained.

D land

I was driving to work one morning this week and there was some construction going on, and I guess they broke a water main. Good going, guys.

D land

My kitties!

D land

D land

Then the moon on the morning of the 1st day of fall, or maybe this is the day after. It's shaky because I was driving.

D land

I have a bike ride tomorrow morning at 7:30 and we're going out tonight. I've told myself that I'm not gonna drink. I've been under the weather all fucking week long, it's been INSANE at work. I've been going in at 7:30 every morning and working til or later, yeah, it's that nuts.

Double Rainbow ALL THE WAY!


We went to San Antonio last weekend (last Saturday, actually), me, Richard and my older sister. My little sister didn't show. It was a really fucked up visit because of my father. He's such a fucking asshole. On our way to their house, we stopped at the BBQ place and my older sister bought $80 worth of food (to go) and we show up at the house, and my mom lets us in the gate (on their 6 acres, it's like a compound. The gate is always locked.), and we drive up to the house, and my father has LOCKED US OUT of the house and told us to leave, that we should all meet at this park about 5 miles away, and eat at a picnic table. Outside. It was beyond retarded. He was so angry at us, we couldn't figure out why. Probably because he wasn't in control. So we go to the park and eat by ourselves and then as we're leaving, he shows up and we all go back into the park, and park our cars. And he tells us he's had a few beers, and he's in this really fantastic great mood, apologizing for everything, and he flashes a 22 at me and Richard in our car, and laughs. FUCKED UP. So we decide (HE decides) we'll all drive to this Mexican restaurant about 5 or 6 miles away and have coffee. We can't eat because we're all stuffed from BBQ. So we get to the restaurant and Dad's an asshole the whole time. He has to talk the whole time, he gets pissed off if everyone at the table isn't making eye contact with him 100% of the time, and then calls you out if you're not looking at him while he talks and talks and talks. It's completely maddening. Then as we're leaving, he tells Richard he doesn't know how he can stand living with me (Acorn) because I'm such a pain in the ass, and then he tells my older sister that she's fat and she needs to loose weight. My dad is fucking fat himself. WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE! I'm so done. And you know what's so devastatingly heartbreaking about all this? My mom. My mom has to live in this environment. I peeked into their house when we were knocking on the door when he locked us out, and the place is a fucking pig sty. I'm ready to anonymously call adult protective services on his ass. Then you know who would have to take care of my mom? My little sister. She'd be so pissed off about that. It's so insane that my dad is just so abusive, and ALL of us are expected to just take his abuse without objection. If you say anything to him about how he's acting, he throws a FIT and then throws shit back at you, and is even MORE abusive. And we asked my mom at the house, when he was acting like a complete maniac, "Does he do this all the time, is he mean like this to you?" and she said yes, he is. She doesn't know what's going on, you know, with her dementia and all. In the perfect world in her head, he's her loving husband who takes care of her and makes her laugh and makes her happy. Breaks my heart.

Oh, and then Richard tells me when we got back to Houston that my dad told him he was carrying 3 guns on him, and even showed him all 3.

And I'm supposed to be OK with my mom being in that kind of environment. Really?

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