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2010-09-29 - stay off things with 2 wheels

I went to the plastic surgeon yesterday morning and he took a look at my wound and was like "I'd like to redo this today." So I was like, "Let's do it."

While he was shooting up the area with novocaine, I was shaking like a leaf! So he left and let me just lie there on the table while I thought about my yoga breathing + Lady Gaga's meat dress.

Then he went to work, took out the old stitches, trimmed + stitched, and then I was all sewn up properly! No need for a skin graft, thank GOD. He did say the skin was kinda puckered at one end of the gash, but would eventually even out. I lost a chunk of skin out there on the trail somewhere. Nice.

So I have 8 brand new stitches, for a total of 19 stitches that have been placed through my flesh since Sunday. Ah, these must be rock hard times.

It doesn't hurt too much since the redo. Only if I knock it against something, that fucking hurts. I didn't take a Rush Limbaugh pill last night, don't think I'll be needing those ever again. Ibuprofen does the trick.

I'm on 2 different kinds of antibiotics, and I noticed a weird rash I developed this afternoon on my chest and arms. I took an allegra and it subsided a bit, but I think I'll be calling the doctor in the morning about it. Jesus. If it's not one thing with me, it's something else! All my friends are telling me to stay off things with 2 wheels!

Peace out.
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