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2010-09-30 - face adversity and practice patience

I called the doc this morning and they said to stop taking one of the antibiotics (sulfameth something), so I had taken the 1st dose of the day this morning, but I haven't taken it since. Well, I still have the rash. Maybe it takes 24 hours for symptoms to disappear. I'm still taking the clindamycin.

Ugh, I'm all red and puffy. I have bumps all over my body. It's tolerable, but if I'm still like this in the a.m. tomorrow, I'm calling the doc again.

Stupid pills.

Good news, the wound is looking better this morning. The plastic surgeon did a great job trimming + lining up the two pieces of my flesh, and fitting them together. Modern medicine is great! In the past, before anyone understood germs, I very well may have died from infection. Crazy.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. We want to go check out the Social Network tomorrow after I get off work. I've never been on Facebook, so it will be interesting to see this perspective. I just never signed up. It just seems like way too much work. I think I've said that before in previous entries.

I am sitting on the couch watching tv with 2 kitties asleep on my lap. I love my kitties.

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