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2010-10-02 - itchy + scratchy

Finally the week is over and I can rest. We stayed in last night. Richard was way later than me coming home so I had time to make dinner. I marinated some chicken in teriyaki sauce and honey and grapfruit juice and baked it over onions, with sauteed garlic + fresh ginger on top. Made a pot of white rice. Roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil + cinnamon + salt. Then sauteed fresh kale with garlic + soy sauce. Yum! I haven't had the time/energy to cook lately, so it was nice to get busy in the kitchen. We ate kinda late, 9pm, but that's ok. It was worth the wait.

My arm feels really good. Cleaning it every morning has been weird + exciting. I've been using saline wash to rinse the soap off instead of water, but I ran out yesterday and used water. I was afraid it was going to hurt, but it didn't! The worst pain thus far in my journey has been the novocaine shots and the tetanus shot, and the huge bruise on my right hip/thigh. Oh, and whenever I accidentally bump my elbow, the bones are so tender + sore. Hurts way worse than the actual flesh wound. Healing is such an interesting process.

The rash, redness, and itchiness are still present, but subsiding. I called the doc again on Friday for reassurance, they said it takes a few days for the symptoms to completely disappear. However long I was taking the sulfameth (4 days) is how long it'll take to clear up (4 days). So by Sunday I should be right as rain.

I really want to ride my bike today. The weather's going to be FUCKING PERFECT this weekend. How can I possibly be expected to pass this up?!?

I took a Rush Limbaugh pill last night for recreational purposes. I can't drink because I'm still on antibiotics. I'm rationalizing my flirtation with waywardness.

The new "me" at work, she's awesome. I've been 100% patient with her about everything. I'm extremely honest and thorough with my explanations of everything. I give her every single hint + secret about everything I can think of, and she's been excelling at everything. I'm serious. It's been a complete 180 of how I was trained 3+ years ago: an environment of negativity, impatience, and shrouding the secrets/hints to my job. Fuck that! Why not share everything you know? I don't understand the attitude of "You learn better if you figure out how to do it yourself" in a job environment you're completely unfamiliar with.

My kittie's purring on my tummy as I lay here in my bed updating my diary with my asleep peacefully breathing boyfriend beside me. Life is peaceful.

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