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2010-10-09 - John Lennon

We sold our ACL tickets yesterday through Craigslist - woohoo! God bless Craigslist.

I took a video of the Gunpowder Art thing we went to Thursday night, and posted it on YouTube. Take a look! It gets going at 0:20.

I got my stitches out yesterday! It had been too long, and they had to dig some of them out and that was owie.

I rode 34 miles this morning on the same trail I wiped out on 2 weeks ago. I showed that trail who was boss today: ME. My arm was fine, mostly. It kinda felt weird when I went over bumps. And I've been getting this funny-bone type of sensation when I raise my arm up and to the right. So I've been avoiding that action. I realized it whilst doing Turbo Jam last night.

I would like to say something about John Lennon and all. The Beatles changed my life when I first heard them when I was in junior high. I would listen to the college radio 90.1 KSYM in San Antonio on Sundays to hear the "Best of the Beatles" and heard all the cool shit. When Richard and I went to New York city a year ago August and did that guided bike tour of Central Park and Harlem, we saw Strawberry Fields, which I wasn't that impressed with. But when you stand in that part of Central Park, you can look across the street and see exactly where John Lennon was murdered, and it is sad to see it. You think, man he got shot there! Such a loss. I was 5 or 6 years old when that happened. My parents hated all non-Christian music, so I don't remember anything from back then. Here's the picture I took from that trip of where he died.

D Land

And ACL Music Festival 2009 I saw Daniel Johnston sing, what a treat. It's hard to explain his magical-ness. I would say go watch the documentary on his life "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" but it's more than that for me. I had a friend turn me on to him a long time ago, and his songs are just so honest and precious. Here's Daniel Johnston singing John Lennon. I took this video at ACL.

So I guess what I'm trying to say here about John Lennon is that he's really permeated my life, his music, and the Beatles, have really been a soundtrack for my whole life. My sisters, we religiously listened to them. We used to flip through stations a lot on the radio when we drove to and from school, but if you were flipping and heard a Beatles song, we all screamed "Leave it on that station!! It's the Beatles!!!" and we would all listen to it. We were obsessive about it.

I've got a 50 mile ride tomorrow, got to leave at 7:30 to meet my team.

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