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2010-10-10 - a minor character flaw

Just rode 50 miles, somewhat hilly. (With 6 other people from my team.) It was tough! But wonderful. The weather was absolutely perfect, aside form a little head wind on the way back. Supposedly next weekend I'm riding 150 miles in 2 days. Maybe 170, because the beach house we're all staying in is 10 miles from the half-way point on Saturday. Go Acorn!

I feel great! The arm is healing oh so swimmingly! How your body stitches itself together (with a little help from modern medicine) is such an amazing process. Truly miraculous.

I'm home from the ride. Just took a shower. Gonna go eat an early dinner with Richard, then we're going to go see the Social Network. Finally. I also want to go see Catfish before I get too tempted to read a spoiler-alert review of the damn movie. I heard about this movie months ago, so I don't want to ruin it for myself. Which is really out of character for me, because whenever I get a good book to read, I immediately go and read the last few pages, then start at chapter 1. It's a character flaw, yes, but mostly harmless.

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