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2010-10-26 - Vegetables again

It took me all last week to physically recover from that dang 155 mile ride! I just didn't eat enough when I got home from the ride, and it took me an entire week to gain my strength and energy back.

So did I take it easy this past weekend? No.

Friday we stayed in.


I volunteered at my job's "Family Day" for 4 hours, 2 hours of which were in the hot sun (it's been in the 90's here lately) telling children how to run through an obstacle course. Kids nowa days are really out of shape. I volunteered 10-2pm.

After I got home from volunteering, I did Turbojam.

Then I made food for me + Richard. We've been on this huge vegetable kick the past week or 2. Roasted veggies and salads with tomatoes and bell peppers. I love red and gold bell peppers! The other day I roasted some mushrooms with garlic powder, olive oil, and a bit of salt. They were so juicy and flavorful!

After that, I spent the next 5 hours cleaning the WHOLE apartment. It'd been a while since I've been physically able to clean cuz of my elbow gash. Wait, that doesn't make any sense...I can ride 155 miles in 2 days on my bicycle, but I can't clean the apartment. Whatevs.

So then I took a shower and invited some chicks over (and 1 dude) and we all had wine + margaritas and dressed up in costumes for the MoonlightRamble 36th annual bikeride! I was a devil, 1 girlfriend was a zombie ballerina, and the other was the solar system. Nerdy! Then Richard got home (he'd been at work) and all 5 of us set out at 1 for the bikeride, which started at 2 AM. Good times! We rode the 20 mile route, it was a blast! I rode my single-speed, coaster-brake cruiser. We didn't get home til after 4 AM.

Slept until 11 the next day. I can't even remember the last time I slept past 7.

Sunday we ate at Denny's and I had the Grand Slamwich, a short stack of pancakes, and the pancake puppies sprinkled with powdered sugar - you dip them in warm syrup. I could eat those things all frickin DAY!

Then yesterday was Monday and Mondays always suck donkey balls.

And now it's Tuesday again and we just watched another episode of SGU.
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