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2010-11-25 - Happy Thanksgiving!

I haven't worked out at all in about 2 weeks, and it's making me cranky. My mind really needs the physical release. It's almost 8 in the morning, I am thinking about getting my ass out of bed and going on a treadmill jog at the gym.

Then I'll come back and I have to roast the sweet potatoes. I have this plan to dice them into smaller pieces than I usually do, add salt, spices, oil, and roast them. Then transfer them to a baking dish, and top with the usual brown sugar and marshmallows. Oh, and I'll be adding butter, of course!

We're going over to a friend's house, a couple we're really good friends with. They have kids, there's going to be lots of other friends and family there. We really had wanted to go to Denton to visit my sister, but Richard has 2 servers to work on over the holiday. Bummer! But today should be very cool. I plan on eating so much today! That's another reason why I want to go on that jog this morning.

I've got my kitty asleep on my tummy right now, she's purring. When I pet her, the purring gets louder. She's all exhausted from last night, we had to change their cat food brand a few weeks ago, and the past 3 days she's been really unhappy with the food. She threw up a few times. It's really difficult to find a cat food that all 3 can tolerate. I had found the perfect food a few months ago, but now I can't find it! So I'm trying ANOTHER new food, as of last night. So yeah, she had worked herself into this panicked state when I got home from work, Richard had fed them, but she couldn't eat the food, it'd been making her puke! And when I walked thru the door, she ran up to me, looking up at me in a panic, meowing over and over "Mommy mommy mommy!!! I'm starving and I can't eat this food!!" Luckily I had gone to Petsmart on my lunchbreak, so I gave her the new food, and she ravenously scarfed it down. Schwew! Man, cats can be such a pain sometimes! Cat barf is so gross!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! What am I thankful for? My boyfriend, my friends here in Houston, my friends here in Diaryland (thanks for sticking around and being forgiving to my insanity), my sister in Denton, my good good friend M who I've known since I was 14 who lives in Colorado and is moving to Texas next month! My awesome friend Anneliese who lives in Switzerland who ALSO puts up with my insanity who should Skype me more (Acornpie), my lovely kitties who comfort me always, my iPhone, my cool job and my cool boss, my bicycle friends, my bicycle, and my health.

Jog, anyone?

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