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2010-12-17 - Rewrite history, Wade.

What a week! I've been coming in early, and leaving late all week. Trying to get billing(s) done by Tuesday of next week, because I'm off from the 22nd through the 3rd. I'll probably check my email on my time off, though. Yeah, I have one of those jobs.

I'm having foot surgery on the 22nd for some painful Tailor's bunions on the outside of my feet. Supposedly I'm doing both feet at the same time, everyone is telling me I'm insane! I have a consult today to finalize everything. It's one of those things that's hereditary, if I don't get it done now while I'm young and healthy, it will only get worse and be more painful in the future to fix.

I've already got a loaner wheelchair and some crutches from a friend. I'm going to prepare this weekend as much as I can (cleaning, cooking, etc.)

An ex boyfriend contacted me this week, he called me and left a message. I texted him back 2 days later while I was waiting at the DPS an hour and a half to get my license renewed. After texting/catching up back and forth, he says "I hate texting. Here's my email." and I haven't heard from him since. We dated when I was 16, and he was 14. So I've known him for a while, and he's not really the nicest person in the world all the time.

My arm wound is pretty much 100% healed. I really like showing off my scar to friends and loved ones. It IS way cooler than a tattoo!

I have 16 X-mas cards to mail today. I went back and forth on whether or not to send Wade one, because the last time he contacted me (via email) was to tell me we couldn't be friends right now, if not ever, because of his "life circumstances" right now. (Translation: his current wife can't handle him being friends with his ex wife who still shares the same last name. ?) But in the end I decided to fill out the card with a generic note, signing my first name, I haven't put a stamp on the envelope.

In the last email I got from him, he completely discredited our 7 years of friendship prior to hooking up. Funny how an opinion and analysis of the past can change because of what's happening in the present. When we were together, the concept of those 7 years of friendship were a solid foundation point of conversation when relaying how solid of a marriage and relationship we had.

Ah, life. Past lives. I am a completely different person now, than when I was married to Wade.

In other news, it's 6:22 am and I need to get up and get ready for work now.

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