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2010-12-30 - The road leads where it's led (the Secret Machines)

Went on a 36 mile bike ride this morning with my peeps. It was 60F today, then got hotter. The humidity was something like 95%, so it was pretty muggy and hot the whole ride. We rode the same trail I wiped out on when I got my stitches on my elbow back in September, and the trail was wet again (same conditions as when I wiped out), so I was way overly cautious and nervous. Still had a good ride. One person in our party got a flat, and i waited around while they changed their tire and took a few pictures of what "winter" in Houston looks like:

D land

D land

There were SO many squirrels out, it was insane. All of us almost ran over at least two squirrels each, and there were 5 of us. That's how many squirrels there were, darting across the damn trail. I also saw a ton of huge black birds, some vultures eating carrion across a ditch, 2 bunny rabbits, a ton of mocking birds, and a couple of cardinals. All the squirrels were really super fat. And the bunnies looked chubby, too. I guess they are storing up blubber for the lean months ahead.

Last night we didn't do a damn thing except lie on the couch and then in bed watching TV and stuff. Richard found the entire Star Wars Holiday Special for me, including all the 70's commercials. It was fucking fantastic, I don't see what all the shit is about. Yes, it's pretty terrible, but that's the beauty of it, I guess. The whole thing starts out with Chewbacca's family roaring at each other for a good 15 minutes back and forth about Lord knows what. The best part is when the Wookie grandpa gets his head put into this "machine" and trips out on a human lady being all sexy with her pink hair and bedroom eyes. Wouldn't he rather have a sexy Wookie with pink hair and bedroom eyes? The whole thing... I can only describe it as a Variety Hour type show with the main cast of Star Wars, plus a few odd balls thrown in like Bea Arthur and Jefferson Starship. Oh, and the animation short is great. Love it when Boba Fett's dragon disappears into the red gloopy stuff that the planet is made of.

My hair might be described as a slight mullet? Richard says no.

I need a nap. The ride this morning kinda wiped me out.

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