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2011-01-07 - Bullshit insurance company can go suck a big bag of dicks

Tonight I had Richard watch a movie that he's never seen, and I love it: PCU. I watched this movie in college, an old boyfriend of mine introduced me to it, and it's hilarious. AND it's got George Clinton in it.

I am so glad it's the frickin weekend! This week was oh so hard, kicked ass, though. Since I got promoted, I've been getting better and better at my job. I've got one of those jobs where you can always learn something new. Never a dull day.

The boyfriend and I are staying in tonight. We're both broke. I paid some bills, and now I have $65 in the bank. All our friends are texting us "Where the fuck are you?!?" Everyone's out at the bar, and we're not. Some nights you just gotta stay in.

I am looking forward to sleeping sober tonight, sleeping in tomorrow, and snoozing with Richard for a bit. Then maybe either a jog, or a ride on my bicycle. None of my bike friends are texting me back today, what the fuck?

We got dropped by our car insurance today. This is total bullshit! Neither of us have had any sort of occurrence at all whatsoever in well over a year. When my car got totaled April 2009... remember that? It was the other person's fault, he got a frickin TICKET for Christ's sake.... they are counting that against us. Is that not the most fucking most bullshit thing you've ever heard? It's the times, I guess, of bloodthirsty corporations. Fine, we'll take our hard-earned money elsewhere.

Gonna go to bed now.

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