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2011-01-09 - strange emotional detachment night

Got in at 3am last night, woke up at 8 this morning. I'm terrible at sleeping in. Last night started off not that great. First occurrence of the evening: we got roped into going out for a "friend's" b'day. She wanted to do sushi at 7:30. I wasn't really in the mood for sushi, but whatever. Usually they have other things on the menu that aren't sushi. Well, she texts us earlier in the evening to say can we meet at 7:15. Sure no problem. We show up at the sushi bar, and right off the bat we get shitty service. Then our friend was almost an hour late, then they never got me my California roll. We were there for over 2 hours, everyone else at our table got their sushi rolls, 3 different people at our table reminded our stupid pony-tail wearing motherfucking waiter that I had ordered a California roll and he told us over and over it was coming. I was starving. Everyone was giving me bites of their sushi rolls, which was really nice. Then after a while, I tried to get his attention and he ignored me twice, so I finally got his attention, and he actually said to me (he was bussing our table, he was 2 feet away from me), "Uh, can you hold on?!?" He was rude. Everyone at our table saw it. And I wasn't being a rude patron, AT ALL. I've waited tables before, and I know how it is. This dude was a fucking prick. So I just told him, "Please just cancel my order for the California roll" and he seemed surprised and taken aback. Well, what did you expect, motherfucker?!? OH, and he never even took Richard's order! He randomly took everyone's order... just not Richard's. So in the end we were unhappy, and Richard paid $50 of the tab (we had saki + beers), which he did because it was our "friend's" birthday, and he wanted to be nice. If you ever find yourself in Houston, friends, don't go to Sushi Tora on Studemont and Washington.

After we left, we were STARVING, so we went to the drive thru at Whataburger. Then we went to the bar and Richard was pissed off all night, but it wasn't too bad. Oh, after we left and were driving home, this asshole got into Richard 's lane and was a total cock, so Richard had a bit of road rage, and this other driver got pissed off back, and ended up following us for a good 30 minutes as we tried to lose him snaking our way thru a nearby neighborhood, and then finally losing him on the highway. We arrived home unscathed.

What a night, huh? It was weird, I was remarkably emotionally detached pretty much the whole night. Very uncharacteristic of me. At the sushi place, I should have been up the waiter's ass about his fucking bullshit antics, but I wasn't. And then when Richard was being all road-rage-y, and this dude was following us, I wasn't even really paying attention. I was texting people goodnights and what not.

Strange. But I like it.

I'm doing great on the no ganja thing. Last weekend I threw away all my paraphernelia: bong, 2 pipes, joint roller, rolling papers, extra screens, pipe cleaners, and this metal tool thing I used to stir the bowl. All of it was old and gross. I'd had this stuff for YEARS. I had not realized how nasty this habit of mine had become. And all that crap I had! When I write it all out like that, I sound like a fucking drug addict, don't I? I feel so liberated and clean. I don't know if I'm never ever ever going to smoke it again, but I sure as shit won't be smoking it in my pipe or bong. One of my pipes I'd had since 1993. Disgusting!

Ah, breathe the fresh air, Amy!!

It's cold and rainy today... so no riding bikes. One of my ride peeps is coming over later to go to the gym with me. We have a free gym here at my apartments, which is great. It's where I jog. I want to do more weights. I've already lost 3 pounds this year. Richard and I are having really light dinners all this month, lots of fruit and veggies, then in Feb we're gonna do the cleanse again. I am totally in thinspiration mode right now. Anywhere I can cut calories, I'm doing it. Like last night, when they never brought me my food, I was secretly happy because I knew I'd save, like, 200 or 300 calories right there. Then at Whataburger, I only had 3 bites of my burger, and 4 French fries. I'm 36 years old. I don't ever want to be overweight.

My kitty is asleep on my legs as I'm in bed typing this on my iPhone. She makes these cute kitty sounds whenever I touch her, as I rouse her from her slumber. I love my frickin phone!

I did have a conversation last night with this guy about photography all night. He's serious. He's got one of those cameras that has a detachable lens(es), and goes click click click click click. I told him about my downtown pictures. He said I need to put them in a movie. I've had that idea, I just need the correct program on my Mac, but I don't know which one is best. Need to do research!

Good morning, y'all.

Might go see Black Swan tonight.

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