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2011-01-12 - Read this entry if you want to see a picture of some soup I made last night.

I haven't been getting enough sleep this week. Twice this week I've worked out before work, with 5 hours of sleep or so. Not enough. I'm really tired today.

But I have something cool to show you!

Look what Anneliese sent me all the way from Switzerland!!!

D land

I totally know what this thing is, but I have no idea what it's called. Does anyone know? I haven't seen one in ages, and I don't remember when it was I saw/used one before. It's so awesome. The first thing I did was use it on myself (my head) and shivers went through my whole body. Then I tried it on my cat, and she thought it was weird and meowed at me! Then she wanted to eat it.

D land

Then I tried it on Richard and he thought it was cool!

Thanks, Anneliese! You're AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(And the card was great, too. I frickin LOVE the Far Side. Cows on a joyride... hilarious.)

It's been freezing all day, even at work. I haven't been able to feel my toes ALL DAY.

Here's that soup I made last night. I took some leftover to work today and it was even better.

D land

More cute kitty pictures:

D land

D land

D land

Oh my god, y'all... I realized I'm addicted to chapstick. Like, FOR REAL. So, I want to wean myself off of it. Apparently this is a big problem for lots and lots of people on the internet, I googled it. There's even a LBA (lip balm anonymous) official website. So today, I didn't wear any lip balm and it SUCKS. I can't even tell you how many years I've been slathering it on. Gross!

I'm updating my iPhone today, finally.

On my way home tonight, there was a train crossing the road and we all had to stop for the rail road crossing arm. I looked out my passenger window and took this shot. I'd been admiring the sky on the entire ride home, so I was really happy I took this shot. Plus it has the train in it, too.

D land

OK, gotta go eat some food for dinner.

And maybe to go be early. I need to. I'm beat.

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