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2011-01-16 - Behemoth II

Friday I got off early to go to the local record shop. Daniel Johnston was going to be there, but the Cactus music twitter feed kept going back and forth on whether it was going to be an in-store performance, or just a meet-n-greet. I got there at 4:40, and low and behold! Richard surprised me and arrived the EXACT same time as me! As I was leaving work, I was debating even going to Cactus, cuz I'd be alone. But I decided to go. Richard told me later that evening that he'd been planning it all day, little stinker! It was great - I'd brought my St. Arnold pint glass (St. Arnold's a local brewery that sponsers Cactus' in-stores) for the free beer. (If you don't bring your own St. Arnold pint glass, you get your free beer in these tiny plastic cups... LAME!) I ended up having 1.5 pints. So Daniel shows up on stage, and this chick near the stage hands him a Sunny D, which he takes from her without even looking at her or saying "thanks", and starts downing it... like hey, it's just normal at all my gigs that strangers give me Sunny D! Then he played 3 and a half songs and went to the counter to sign autographs. I stood in line with everyone else. When it was my turn, I leaned over the counter to get closer to him, told him Happy Birthday, and asked him, "So how's it feel to be fifty, man?!?" and he replied, "Aw, it doesn't feel THAT bad!" and that made him smile, so I smiled back, and shook his hand. It was great.

Later that evening we had tix to the actual show, but ended up only seeing Tax the Wolf, and the Mathletes before ditching the show to meet all our friends at #s to go dancing.

Somehow I ended up drinking WAY too much, and I slept in the back seat on the way home and barfed when we got home, it just hit me all of a sudden! Maybe it was the starting drinking at 5:30 on an empty stomach. When I woke up the next morning, I couldn't find my phone, then I realized I didn't have my purse! Fuck! So Richard woke up because I was freaking out, and he threw on some clothes and went out to the car, and my purse was just sitting on the back seat. I'd been using it as a pillow. Jesus.

So yesterday I slept in while Richard was at work, we were both nursing hangovers. I finally cured mine in time to meet our friends at 4 to go see TRON in 3D at the IMAX, it was great! What a cool cool film it is! I love Jeff Bridges. The bad guy Zeus was awesome, he was my favorite. Love the mullet, dude.

So we ate dinner after that and came home. We stayed in. Richard did some work while I lay on the couch watching Behemoth on SyFy. I love made-for-TV movies in SyFy. They're so bad, they're good. But I had to ask Richard how it ended because I fell asleep before the conclusion. Apparently the bad monster thing got destroyed by rocket bombs deployed into its mouth. YaY! The peaceful mountain town will never be the same. But we'll never know, because what're they going to make, a Behemoth II?

Today I want to jog in the gym and do more arm and butt weights exercises.

It's going to be raining all weekend which means I can't ride today. I should have ridden yesterday, the weather was great! But no, I wasted the day away, inside, hungover. Sucks because I have an organized ride next Sunday, I signed up for the 55 mile route. Yeah, we'll have to see about that!

Maybe we'll take down the Xmas tree today.

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