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2011-02-03 - bicycle thievery

I had this horrible dream last night that I rode my Panasonic fixed gear bike to the bike shop, and while I was shopping, someone stole my bike and turned it into a unicycle! I was livid! When I ran after the guy that stole it, I caught him and started wailing on him, throwing punches left and right and kicking him while trying to get my bike parts back! Finally he let go and ran away, and all I was left with was a crappy unicycle, and the rest of my bike: the other wheel, handlebars, gears, etc. It was so very, very sad! I was so angry.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow, and the whole city of Houston is shutting down, I swear. Even the company I work for is closed tomorrow. We get a snow day, in Houston... can you believe it?!? I'm going to sleep in tomorrow for sure, but I still have to "work from home" all day.

I've been under the weather all week. I'm so weak, mostly. A little bit of upper respiratory stuff, but mostly I'm just in a weakened state. Sucks, because I haven't worked out since Tuesday.

My hair has been rocking lately. This no shampoo thing is the best thing ever. I've been getting complements on my hair lately. It's also getting longer, people are taking notice. They're so used to it being boy-short, that now I'm looking more feminine I guess, it's weirding people out. People don't like change, at least at the office anyway. They can all suck a bag of dicks, I work in a very conservative environment. Everyone goes to church on Sundays, and nobody cusses. It's a drag. When I was going thru my divorce 3 years ago, my boss actually told me I should think about going to church. Yeah! I was like, "Uh.... ok." Jesus Christ. I spent my whole childhood and beyond being forced to go to a Baptist church by my insane parents. NEVER again will I ever attend church again. Church for me is a Sunday bikeride, church for me is in my own head. I don't need some dude behind a pulpit telling me the same stories over and over, again and again, trying to evoke the same emotional response, not just from me, but from the whole congregation. It's sickening. I see the same thing on Fox news. Ugh.

Oh, and I have a slight sore throat, too.

I made mac-n-cheese for dinner tonight, with steamed edamame. I love legumes!

Hey I have a favor to ask. Can you tell me what car insurance you use, and if you like them or not? If you don't want to leave me a note, you can just write about it in your own diary if that's easier. Or email me at acornotravez at hot mail dot com. I'm thinking about Liberty Mutual, but that's so not set in stone. It's very hard, this shopping for car insurance. Plus I need to get renter's insurance too. Yeesh!

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