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2011-02-06 - more of the same

Got in another big fight with the boyfriend Friday night. He says this chick is a lesbian, and trying to steal me away from him. I was wasted and just wanted to dance dance dance. Guess I won't be pursuing a friendship with her anymore. He yelled at me the whole way home from the club. Then I puked my guts out that night, and the next day, too. Saturday was a total waste of a day because I was hungover, I hate myself for wasting a good biking day. Richard says he felt lonely at the club when I'm off dancing with someone he perceived as cunty to him and our friends. I promised him it wouldn't happen again, now that I'm aware of her intentions. Then he'll make a comment like, if you're going to make me feel single when we're out together, then I may as well be single. Thenfucking break up with me then, Richard. I love riding my bike, and I love dancing. They don't seem to include Richard, he feels excluded. I don't have all the answers for you today, people.

Oh, and just for the record, i dont ever dance with anyone ever, except Richard. There's never any touching ever. I am in my own world on the dancefloor. Just wanted to make that clear.

Watched Jem Cohen's movie "Instrument" about Fugazi. I own the DVD. Then watched Zoolander. Pretty much spent 100% of yesterday on the couch. SNL was funny with Bieber. Then it was time for bed and now here it is Sunday morning and I'm missing a bike ride with my bike friends because I told them I'm sick, but really I'm afraid of pissing off my boyfriend.

I'll go to the gym later. And do some weights and my ab workout. I've been seeing results from my lame attempt at weights, I'm happy. I don't have fat rolls on my back anymore. My bras fit a lot better. I realized bras and fat back don't really go together that well.

My cat is now skittish a lot more than she used to be. They say your pets harbor your emotions for you. So I've heard.

I drank all this water when I woke up at 7 this morning to feed the kitties, and now I've got to pee. If I get up, I'll mess up my kitty sleeping next to me. She's all pressed up against my body for warmth.

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