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2011-02-11 - crudite!


TGIF! This past week has been absolutely insane. I'm juggling a million things at once at work, everything is flying back and forth, up and down, around and around, and I'm being super organized and proactive. I've got folders, file labels, timelines, check-off lists, and the like, that lend to my super organized state at work. I'm doing alright. My cube is organized-looking, which makes me feel more organized on the inside. It's all about organization!

My body is so sore from throwing the javelin!

Let me elaborate: we got the Kinect for the Xbox 360 and it fucking ROCKS! You just stand there in front of the device, and it scans your body. It's incredible technology. I tried Dance Central's Poker Face by Lady Gaga (the easy level) and it's so much fun!!! And then there's this sports game we got, we did the whole of track and field together and we're both so sore. Wednesday night we were up til almost midnight. Track and field was: sprinting, hurdles, javelin throw, discus throw, and long jump. I sucked at the long jump because I kept going over the line. Also, we did boxing and that was so exhilarating whaling on my opponent... Richard! He went down to China Town! OK, I jest. After I finish this entry, we're going to get back on.

I just haven't posted any pictures on here in a while, and I have a few that need to be seen.

But first, I got the new David Lowery album, it's really really super awesome good, y'all. It's only $7.99 on iTunes. I just love his voice so much, that David Lowery. It's my favorite male singing voice in the whole universe - it takes me somewhere else. I apologize for the semi-country-sound of the first song on the album - that's the only thing I don't like about him, is that he'll put a song on there that's too country for me. Blame that on Cracker. Camper Van Beethoven wasn't too country-sounding for me, but Cracker was sometimes. I can't stand country music, I just can't tolerate it at all in the slightest.

January 14th, we went to see Daniel Johnston. Here's a picture of the Sunny D that some chick gave him. Actually, I met her after the show and her name started with a B and ended in ecky.

Sunny D Daniel Johnston

The other night we had CRUDITE! Hooray for crudite! (and yes, that there is ranch for dippin)


At the marathon a couple weeks ago, I took pictures, but here's only 2 that I feel are worth posting. Look at that cool doggie!

Houston Marathon dog

Houston Marathon

Obligatory kitty shot:

Umbrella cat

Then Feb 4th, when Houston froze over, I made Richard drive me around to take pictures.

Houston frozen fountain

Houston frozen fountain

Houston frozen fountain

OK, going to do Kinect with my boyfriend now. We're staying in tonight.

I've got an in-town ride with my girlfriend and another person tomorrow morning, if it's not fucking freezing cold. Maybe we'll go 20 miles, I have to be done by 11 because Richard and I have a b'day party to go to of our friends' 1 year old twins at noon.

And then Sunday I've got another ride planned super-early with my old team, 40 miles of hills, then a pot luck afterwards. We all bring coolers in our trunks, and chow down on the picnic tables in the park after the ride. The weather is supposed to be awesome on Sunday.

Pa pa pa poker face pa pa poker face

Also, I bought the new Lady Gaga single on iTunes while I was in there, and I like it!. It does kinda sound like Madonna a bit, but not the whole song. Maybe people aren't listening to the whole song.

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