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2011-02-18 - mu$ic

One of my coworkers this week commented on how organized my cube looks. Go me.

It's supposed to be a high in the 70's tomorrow, and cloudy.

I can't wait to ride and not have my toes turn blue. One of my team members is coming with me this time, we're going to do 58 miles tomorrow. I'm making her some hot Chai at 5:30 in the morning, cuz that's what time she's coming over. Insanity.

I purchased the new Radiohead on their website this evening for $48. I think it will ship in May or something. I got the download already and am listening to it now. The first song is 5 minutes and 15 seconds long. There are only 8 songs. That's $6 a song. Well, plus you get all this cool artwork and 2 vinyls. Score. It will go on the living room wall with my In Rainbows vinyl.

I haven't cut my hair in a whole year. It's kinda ratty on the ends, but I'm diggin it. It's this beautiful chocolate brown, I swear it's a great color, for being natural anyway.

I'm going out drinking tonight, but I won't overdo it. I've got to get up at 4:30 and air my tires, fill my camel back with water, get together breakfast, make Lindz' Chai tea, Oh The Toils of The Morning.

Richard got me a new Kinect workout game, I can't wait to do it! It's got Tai Chi and everything!

Peace out.

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