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2011-03-05 - that cool song with Robert Smith

This week at work has been crazy insane busy, and I'm still fucking ON it.


I've been spending time on Twitter and (free) Words with Friends. My names on there are spicyacorn and RocksForBreakfast. I even got Richard to get on Words with Friends, and his name on there is fucking the best name EVER!!! ---> Magical_Liopleurodon

"We're on a bridge, Charlie!"

Last Sunday ride with 2 of my bike friends was TERRIBLE! Both of them were royally annoying me like all holy hell. The ride was retardedly un-scenic, the weather was windy and terrible scary to ride against the gusts of wind with highway traffic whizzing by at high velocities, inches away from my bike, then afterwards we got a free "lunch" of a doughy white dinner roll, a small piece of greasy sausage, and a chunk of pickle, all on a bamboo skewer. That's what you call lunch?!? Jesus Christ. OH! And the ride was only 37 miles. So much for training last weekend.

Although I did go out on my mountainbike both Friday AND Saturday, which was awesome. I love my mountainbike so much, I forget this sometimes.

Speaking of bikes, I got my taxes done Tuesday and I'll be getting some sweet moolah back, which I think I'll probably be purchasing a brand new road bike. I went to 2 places after work this week to see what's out there. I am taking my time with this. If I don't get a new one before the MS15O in April, specifically the weekend of the 16th, that's fine with me.

I'm not riding today. I'm spending the day with my lovely boyfriend. We deserve some downtime together. Right now we're lying in bed together, both geeking out on our iPhones, listening to Pandora, Tool just came on (I've got this radio station I made years ago called Banana Bread), the kitties are all awake and running around all crazy, I love it. It's our crazy fam. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Dude, did I tell you Richard got me Your Shape Evolved for the Kinect? It's so freakin awesome! I've been doing it all this week before work, I think I did it 3 times! I totally am head over heels for the cardio boxing classes. I don't have fat folds on my back anymore, I am so incredibly happy about this, y'all!

We went dancing last night and it was great. It was kinda low key, I didn't get puke-y drunk, we saw a bunch of our friends, one of which bought me and Richard some Peter Murphy tickets, life is good with all our friends. We got home before 2 am, and I made us a salad and sloppy joes instead of us going to get fast food. We've totally not been going to fast food lately. Together anyway. Richard eats whatever he wants when I'm not around, but when I cook, it's always super healthy. I love cooking.

Speaking of making food, that fucking cake I made last weekend --> we ate it all week and IT WAS SO GOOD! I love yellow layer cake with chocolate frosting. I had like 1 or 2 pieces a day, and I didn't gain any weight. I'm still trying to get to 115, I've been hovering at 118, 117 for the past 2 weeks, but I started at 124 at the beginning of the year, so I believe progress is being made. I just don't want to be fat at 40 because it only gets harder and harder after that. I'm thinking, if I don't let myself gain weight, then I won't have to lose it. I work in a large corporation where everyone is sedentary, and pretty much everyone who's not in their 20s is overweight. Maybe I'm obsessive, but I guess I'm kinda vain, too. I feel better about myself if my body's in good shape. My head is clearer when my cardiopulmonary system is top notch, and I'm able to go up 10 flights of stairs without dying.

Enough about that.

They played that song last night with Robert Smith, called Not in Love by Crystal Castles at the club, I love that song. Richard's been playing it for me on his iPod lately. We held each other close and sang "We are not in love" to each other, both fully aware that just wasn't true.

Life is winning. I love all the Charlie Sheen TigerBlood stuff going on with Twitter and the media and everything, and I totally agree with Brin's take (well, John's take, actually) that he's 100% going with his id in everything he's doing.

My bladder's full! Off to the loo.

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