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2011-03-06 - I saw a blue bird today.

Rode 45 miles today. It was fairly easy because the weather was gorgeous and there was hardly any wind at all. We have this one rider on our team, she is SO SLOW, and inevitably one of us gets stuck taking care of her in some way or another. Well, today was my turn I guess. I rode really slow with her the whole time. And then when we were almost done with the ride, she got a flat tire and I changed it for her. She had a new tube and a CO2, but no tire changing tools. Luckily, I did. Go Acorn! I changed it in less than 15 minutes. Everyone else on the group had to wait for us at every turn in the road, because it was a route I wasn't familiar with. She's a really nice girl, but Jesus Christ she's a pain to ride with!

If the weather hadn't been so nice, and the birds hadn't been so cheery, and the traffic hadn't been so friendly, I'd be really pissed off right now.

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