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2011-03-09 - fun with saltines and olives

Jesus christ my hair's getting long. People are commenting more and more.

Work is kicking my ass and my boss has turned into a monster again. I need to go back to school for a degree in accounting so I can just be alone with numbers all day. Spreadsheets and numbers and calculations. Pretty, beautiful math. Where did I go wrong with my career? Oh yeah, I love food more. It's National Dietitian day, didn't you know?

I've been working hard, working late, getting up early, working out with the Kinect. I really love the kick boxing classes.

I've been making dinner this week some. I like having chicken in the freezer. Tonight I made pad thai with spirals again, and sauteed some chicken in butter, with sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper.

Monday I made chicken with a crust on top made out of: olives, olive oil, dried herb mixture (shallots, garlic, fennel, etc.), and crushed saltines. I smushed it on top of the chicken and baked it on a bed of sliced white onions. Richard freaked the fuck out, he thought it was so good. It was good.

SGU was Monday, it was aieet. I mean, it was cool that Eli was able to hack into the unmanned alien drone thing and all, I'll believe that. But Chloe getting returned by the other aliens "cured"? That's a stretch. We got 9 more episodes.

I got these arm warmers for my biking, and they are awesome. You'd be amazed at how much warmer they keep me.

Tomorrow is Thursday. And then after that is Friday.

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