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2011-03-11 - Mike n Alice

Today is Friday, yesssssssss.

My boss is on vacation all next week. Thank GOD she'll be gone. I need a break.

I don't know what rides are planned for this weekend. I hope I don't get stuck with the slow poke again. Training: we're supposed to be getting into the hills, now. I still want a new bike. I was thinking either all steel frame, or steel frame with carbon fork and seatstay. The idea of a classic all-steel frame sounds so right. I must have good, hardy components that last forever. I've got time, no rush. My $$ from the IRS hasn't come in, yet.

Oh my god I forgot to tell you: last Friday before we went dancing, I had caffeine! I made us some chai, it was very delicious.

Poor Mike Starr. I am an Alice fan, and also saw him in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Richard and I were talking about how sad we were upon hearing of his death, it's like we knew him. He's gone! Just like that. Gone.

C'mon 5 o'clock! (pm)

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