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2011-03-12 - I cleaned the apartment today.

Friday, yesterday, on my lunch break, I took my old wedding dress to Goodwill. It was over 10 years old. What I was holding on to it for, Lord only knows. I had aspirations of selling it, but it wasn't worth much. I bought it brand new for $400. It looked like a white sweet 16 ball gown. Back then, again, only the good Lord Jesus Almighty knows what was going on in this big brain of mine.

It felt really good to get rid of it.

I also gave away a stereo I'd had since I was 16. It had a tape deck, that's why I was keeping it. Like I'm ever going to listen to tapes again. Only 1 speaker worked.

I'm trying to clean out my closet before we move in 5 months. We need some place cheaper.

Just saw Rango! I highly recommend it!

Don't forget it's Daylight Saving Time tonight.

I've got a ride in the am at 9, but it's going to take 2 hours to drive the fuck out there. I'm carpooling with Lindz. Slow Poke is going to be there. I wonder who's going to get stuck babysitting her.

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