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2011-03-26 - empathetic kitty

Feeling so incredibly weird today!

I went on an organized ride today without my team, they all went on a ride in the same area, but I didn't hook up with them. It was a tough ride, 64 miles of hills the whole time. I'm all buzzing from the physical exertion. I drank my recovery drink, I had a snack, I'm waiting for Richard to get home so we can have dinner together. I'm not quite beat yet, but I know I will be later. I was really drowsy while I was driving home this afternoon at 2 after the ride. But once I got home and took a shower, it woke me up or something weird.

I was feeling really weird and emotional before the ride. The ride itself was really really good. I had great energy and powered up those hills, I really pushed myself. They were saying this is most challenging ride in the training series. It doesn't get any harder that what I did today, supposedly.

Napoleon Dynamite was on tv when I got home. That part when he tries the time machine for 1982 is just hilarious!

It was 90F today on the ride, maybe I got heat stroke or something. No, that's not possible. I am hydrated properly, and I'm nutritionally cool, dinner would be good, though. Why is my boyfriend not home, yet?

To explain, I'm sitting on the couch waiting for him to get home. I got home around 3 and it's 5 now. He's at work.

I think another reason I feel weird is because we rode around a lavender field, and I'm highly allergic to lavender.

Also I feel weird because I ran into Wade's cousin's husband. It was not bad, but this guy made it a POINT to come over and say hi. This has happened before at another ride, and we talked a lot. But this time, I didn't want to converse. He asked me TWICE how I was doing. Uh, I'm fine dude, you already asked me that.

I wish Richard was here to hold me, I'm feeling all weird and I need hugs and his big strong arms around me and his kisses on my face.

I've got a headache. I ate some advil. My knees are kinda feeling strained. I was standing up on my pedals a lot, I was showing off. I'm such a show off on my bike lots of times, it's retarded.

Oh! Richard just called me, he's on his way home. He said he's got hugs for me and he's taking me out to dinner.

Last night we stayed in. I took a 2 hour nap yesterday, my day off. I rarely take naps. I made pizza with that Pillsbury pizza dough you buy in a can, it was pretty tasty. Wish it came in whole wheat, though. Toppings included: mushrooms, roma tomatoes, red bell peppers, kalamata olives, garlic, onions, and fresh basil. And mozzarella cheese, of course.

One of the kitties is snoozing on my knees, it feels so good! Like she knows that's where my pain is.

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