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2011-04-09 - Saturday night

Last Wednesday I got my bike from the shop and it is fucking sweet, now! I got new handlebars (drops), new gears (shimano 105), new chain, new cassette. It rides like a dream now, it's so much better going up hills. I rode it briefly for about an hour and a half after work on Thursday to test it out. Took it to the bike shop on Friday for some tweaking. At the bike shop, they had boxes of honey stinger waffles for half off, so I bought 2 boxes. Man those things are tasty.

Oh! And I've been to Bikram yoga twice now, it feels so good to be back. Already my riding feels stronger. I did 32 miles today like it was nothing. It was hot, though. I got really sweaty. It was 90F! People were out at the pool today at our apartments.

I got home at noon from my ride. Did some yoga and the laundry. Then Richard and I met a friend for lunch and blue margaritas.

Came home and made some citrus salad for after tomorrow's ride. My team drives out of town to hit the hills in Brenham, and we have a little picnic afterwards, it's great. I'm carpooling with this chick who is making hummus. I got some chips, too, to dip in the hummus. Also, I'm gonna make fresh squeezed OJ and put it in a carafe over ice, so we can all have some delicious fresh juice before we embark. It's gonna be great!

We went to this bar last night that only has beers I've never heard of, and gourmet hot dogs. I got a veggie chipotle dog with some sort of chili sauce on it, with onions. Richard and I shared it, it was so good! I can't wait to go back! It's bike-friendly, too!

What else?

I stood up to my boss on Friday afternoon, and boy am I glad I did! The crazy lady tried to give me a dang project at three forty five on a FRIDAY! And it was a project that she had started, fucked it all up, then expected me to fix it for her! When she presented me with it, I really had so much on my plate. I told her thusly that I really couldn't do it until Monday, which was the truth. So she was like, "OK, I'll do it."

And that was that! She wasn't mad. It was a miracle!

Tomorrow's going to be 50 miles of big hills again, hotter weather than we're used to, and probably some wind, too.

Bye, now!

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