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2011-04-13 - Hump day


The BronxZooCobra on twitter today was annoyed that all the camels at the zoo were babbling all day about it being hump day and all.

The ride on Sunday was great, albeit windy. That's the 3rd time I've done that ride out there in Brenham and Independence, TX. Supposedly there's a YouTube video out there if you search for "Independence, Texas" of the convenience store we always stop at for Gatorade and snacks, of a time lapse of all the different types of people who stop there. Last time we were there we talked to a real cowboy, he had his horse in a trailer behind his pickup truck. He had just finished one cow-herding job, and was on his way to another.

There were 5 of us riding. We had the ice cold fresh squeezed OJ after the ride, I had it in a cooler over ice. It was beyond refreshing.

So the big ride is Saturday and Sunday. Houston to Austin in 2 days. Yeah! I'm so excited! I'm taking this Friday off to bake cookies and mint brownies, and get ready in general.

Went to Bikram again on Monday after work, it was HOT, but good. I'm going again tonight, the late class. My bike friend Lindz is coming to pick me up. She offered me a ride. I accepted. I've got major borborygmi right now, I haven't eaten since lunch. But that's a good thing. I've found that the hungrier I am, the better the class.

My boss was not there today, she was on a trip somewhere. No one knew where she went, it was weird. I'm not complaining.

I'm still writing my mom a letter once a week. I've been including pictures I've taken during all my bike rides of late. She calls me from time to time from "her" cell phone, and then my dad tries to commandeer the phone from her. I don't talk to him, last time I did it was too much. He is so full of lies, I don't believe a word he says anymore. I haven't believed him in a few years, now. Mom asks if I want to talk to Dad, should she hand over the phone, I tell her no. He's such an asshole, I feel so incredibly sad for my mom. But it's the life she chose. We tried to get her to leave him many times when we were growing up, we had countless lectures from my dad on how he was going to leave. All bullshit, every time. I don't want to have anything to do with him, or her, really. I can't remember ever having a normal conversation with my mom, she was constantly hell-bent on all things Jesus. She was a fanatic. I think it was the only thing she could turn to that would help her cope being married to such a paranoid, angry, verbally/mentally abusive person. For my own personal sanity, I stay away. (Oh, believe me I've tried over and over to reach him, but nothing has permanence in his brain.)

Yuck, I don't like going there. Guess I had to vent a bit.

Oh! My "new" bike worked great on the hills. Really great. It's a dream. True love, I tell ya.

Ok, I'm off to yoga.

Peace out.

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