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2011-04-23 - Saturday! Entry!

The ride last weekend was absolutely fantastic! Dare I say it was perfect? Richard was there the whole time for support, we stayed in a cabin Sat night at the halfway point. My bike team is great, I know I sound cheesy, but they really are the best. Last week I was going through withdrawal from everyone, it was a depressing week. And I'm still not physically recovered. We rode 65 miles on Sat, and 82 miles on Sun. Then we had to drive back Sunday night, was a 3 hour drive and there were 5 people in Richard's vehicle. I was sitting in the back and I was BAKING hot the whole time. I was all sweaty and dirty from the ride, I had only changed my clothes. It sucked! Then we got home and went out to eat at 10pm, didn't get to sleep til after midnight. Then had to be at work the next day, Monday at 8.

THEN Wednesday I had to fly to Orange County for a presentation in Foothill Ranch. I went with 1 other coworker. We were there less than 24 hours!! Stupid. Then Thursday we flew back at 9 pm, and had to be at work yesterday at 8 again. Luckily, I wasn't that busy.

So last night we had decided to grab a bite and then stay in for the night, but the 2 pints I had with dinner decided otherwise, and all our friends were going out dancing, so I went out and Richard stayed in! Whoa, that never happens! Never, ever, ever! He had to be at a client's at 9 this morning. I stayed in bed. In fact, I'm still in bed and it's 1:30 in the afternoon. I'm lazy and it feels great. I can't remember the last time I didn't have to get up for work, or a ride.

Also last week, I was going thru caffeine withdrawal. I drank tea in the mornings, and had a 5 hour energy both days, it was awesome being high on the caffeine. I flew up and down all those dang hills. I was really in great shape for the ride this year. I had done some serious hill work, and it payed off.

This week I've done absolutely nothing physically taxing. I was going to do yoga today, but all the alcohol I consumed last night is telling me that wouldn't be such a good idea. I've got an Easter ride planned tomorrow. We're gonna put bunny ears on our bike helmets, and hand out candy-filled plastic eggs to random strangers.

My hair continues to grow. I guess that's what it's been up to lately. I've exceeded the hair length of 2 of my girlfriends now. Go! Go! Go! Grow, hair, grow! I'm still not using shampoo, I think that's why I don't have split ends when I haven't had scissors near my head since February 2010. I am using soap, though. I went back to the world of body soap. I had to. Going on those long bike rides covered in sweat, waterproof sunblock, and perspiration, well, I needed soap.

I just found out on Cats 101 that cats do indeed have kneecaps.

I'm starving. Think I'll get up now and take a shower. Maybe Richard will be home soon and we can spend some quality time together. I need my Richard time. He's my beloved Monster. Everyone's afraid of him, but I've tamed the beast. Sometimes, anyway.

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