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2011-04-30 - Bunny ears ride

This week at work was OK the 2nd half cuz my boss was on vacation. The first half she yelled at me for something really dumb that she shouldn't have yelled at me for, she's been turning to the dark side lately. Hating this.

Thursday night me and Richard went on a bikeride pub crawl. It occurs every Thursday, actually. We had a blast!! There were 2 chicks there who are good friends, who also happen to like me! The best part was riding bikes in the dark, alone with Richard at the end of the night, back to his vehicle. It was really romantic. Got 3 hrs of sleep Thursday night, so Friday at work sucked ass. I was beyond exhausted.

Then when I got home from work yesterday, Richard convinced me to go out dancing! Nooooo! Had a great time, stayed out way late. Got 3 hrs of sleep AGAIN, then dragged myself out of bed this morning at 6 for a 40 mile bikeride with my bike team.

Finished the ride around noon, then hit a patio with Richard for some much-needed Mexican food. Poor Richard, he was so hungover!

Came home and immediately crashed in bed with Richard, he was on his laptop. I slept for 2 1/2 hours! I feel SO much better! Kitties were sleeping with me, it was so nice.

Now it's 7:30 and I'm being forced by Richard and a friend of his "H" to go see the new Fast and Furious movie with Vin Diesel and the Rock Johnson .... eye candy! I'm not complaining. We're going to a theater that serves booze during the movie.

I've got plans to clean the whole apartment tomorrow. Man those damn cats shed so much fucking cat hair! Everything needs dusting. It's gonna take me all frickin day, I tell ya.

My hair's getting long, and then people give me compliments on its progression towards beauty or something.

I wore bunny ears on my helmet today on the ride in a public trail, so lots of people saw. It was a hit! I got so many smiles and "bunny!" comments, who would have expected that? They were leftover from the ride last Sunday, Easter. Me and 3 other people from my team rode around the city and hid Easter eggs for kids, it was SO much fun, we were all wearing bunny ears. I tweeted about it.

I tweet about lots of things, usually centered around my life's goings on. Nothing too serious. I really enjoy the twitter.

Ok, good bye for now.

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