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2011-05-02 - A bad case of the Mondays

I get to take off 1 day a month as flex time that doesn't count against my vacay, which rocks my socks. So tomorrow I'm taking off. But I still have to check my email and put out fires and put up with stupid crap from my boss, I'm sure.

I cleaned the whole apartment yesterday, it took me 4 hours. There's no more cat hair everywhere. Everyone's happy and relaxed in the abode. Cleaning products: we got this scrubbing bubbles sprayer thing that has batteries, you pull the trigger for a continuous spray. It's a cool concept, but it's not any different than an aerosol can, you know? You have your finger on the trigger the whole time. Plus the scrubbing bubbles formula isn't as good as the formula in the shower formula I normally get in the aerosol can, so I probably won't be purchasing the battery powered scrubbing bubbles sprayer again. Also, it's noisy.

Whilst cleaning, my cat likes to follow me around the whole time I'm cleaning just to be nosy and keep an eye on things. She sometimes gets into shit she shouldn't get into. I had moved the big sofa chair to vacuum the cat hair from under it, so when I shoved it back, Niko got kinda pinned between the chair and the wall, it was kinda scary, then hilarious because it didn't hurt her, it just surprised her. When I moved he chair so she could get free, she hopped over to me and energetically and with great fervor meowed several times at me like, "Hey man! WTF?"

Then I accidentally locked her in the laundry closet for god knows how long (I was cleaning and vacuuming and shit, I didn't hear her), until I heard the door being rattled loudly and I let her out. She hopped out of there, swung around to face me and loudly meowed her consternation at me again. It was hilarious. Richard even heard her from the other room.

I love my cat, I really really do.

Maybe I'll do yoga tomorrow.

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