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2011-05-06 - Twitter bullshit

I keep tweeting celebrities on Twitter and they don't respond, it's really dumb! Me and Twitter are in a weird place right now.

Tuesday night we went to a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood at a local brewery, then we went to see Donald Glover and it was DOPE. I got wasted and tweeted him after the show that the show was so DOPE, my pussy was bleeding rainbows. What the fuck does that mean? At the time, it made perfect sense. Looking back... not so much sense. I'm not even on my period. I thought about deleting the tweet, but then I thought about my personal responsibility to maintain the level of nonsense on Twitter, and decided to let history remain unchanged on my dang Twitter feed. So weird!

This week totally kicked my ass. I'm staying in tonight, so's Richard. We had for dinner: salad, peanutbutter and saltines, and dark chocolate. Then I had pistachio "pudding" I made the other day with jell-o instant pistachio pudding mix, a block of soft tofu, and a few splashes of soymilk. I'm lactose intolerant, you see, and instant pudding doesn't work with soymilk. It really should be called soy "juice", so Lewis Black says. I agree. So it was good, yeah.

I stayed at work today til after 6. Doing that, I missed a lot of rush hour traffic. I also walked 2 miles at work on my lunch break, there's this trail around the buildings that's 1 mile long, and I walked it twice. It was hot today, with a slight breeze.

I haven't done the kinect work out in a while, and I need to. I've only been doing Bikram, and riding my bike. Got a bike ride tomorrow, a new ride we've never done before, 50 miles. Getting picked up at 6:45 tomorrow morning, geez. That's frickin early for a weekend.

I got roped into a margarita competition tomorrow with 3 other chicks from my bike team. I tried to weasel my way out of it, too, but my attempts were unsuccessful! I was tired and off my game, and the girls on my team have some sort of power over me. Girls!

Gonna get shit ready for my ride tomorrow like fill my water bottles with recovery drink in one, and gatorade in the other. I'll air my tires tomorrow morning.

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