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2011-05-13 - Scorched

That margarita competition thing on Saturday was fun. We didn't win any prize, though. Our margaritas apparently were too pedestrian. Oh well. They did the job. We were the only team that danced Pee Wee Herman style to the song "Tequila".

Then after that we went to see this midnight movie showing of "Rubber" about a telekinetic tire named Robert who goes around killing people, then gets reincarnated as a tricycle.

Sunday I literally spent all day in bed. Not because I had to, I just wanted to. When's the last time I did that? It was nice. The kitties and Richard were so happy I actually slowed down for once.

I just never stop. It's go go go for me all the time. It's really difficult to get me to slow down, with anything. This can be annoying at times.

It's Friday the 13th.

I have no clue what we're doing tonight, but my bet is that it involves alcohol.

I've done my Kinect workout 3 times this week before work, it's been great. I was going to do it this morning, but when I weighed myself, the # on the scale said to me, "just skip it this morning". So I told myself I'd work our after I get home from my job.

Got a ride planned Sunday with the lady who bailed on me last weekend, plus one of the chicks from the margarita competition. We don't know where we are riding yet, though. It's supposed to be really nice weather. The threat of Houston summer (90+ degrees, high humidity) is looming in the near future, so this may well be one of the last weekends we can go on a long ride without getting scorched by the sun.

Remember that game "Scorched Earth"? I used to play that in college. Good times.

I made guacamole last night for dinner after we got home from grocery shopping. It was very tasty, mmm mmm. Avocados are in season right now, I think. Ingredients: avocados (coarsely chopped, not mashed), fresh lime juice, salt, cherry tomatoes (chopped small), cilantro (chopped, no stems!), black beans (canned, rinsed), sweet yellow onion, 2 large Serrano peppers (chopped tiny!), and then more fresh lime juice and salt. Jesus almighty it was delicious. It was all we had for dinner. Oh wait, no I lied. I had a Tecate in a can with lime, and I made Richard a margarita (or two).

I gotta get up now and get ready for work.

We got yet another new employee in our department. Another gen-Y who is afraid of me. We've actually got the same name, but her's is spelled with 3 extra vowels. When another coworker introduced us, they both walked to my cube and she introduced me like this: "This is Acorn. Her cube is always messy, ha ha ha." I went along with the ha ha, but then later on started thinking about her words, and it made me so mad! I work really, really hard at my job. I'm my boss' little bitch. She respects me and relies on me for a TON of shit, that is, when she's not being a cunt. I'm organized, I just have a lot of folders and papers in my cube, and it's hard to keep things looking tidy all the time. I work much harder than all of them, and they know it. This happened Monday morning, and I've been pissed off about it all fucking week. Richard says I'm over reacting, and he's right. She was just trying to be funny and casual. But now I feel like I look like a chump in the eyes of the new girl. Which brings up a bunch of crap from my childhood where in school NONE of the girls liked me (in my all white, stuck-up, rich, snobby, private school) because I was brown. I've struggled with how I think girls like me my whole life, it kills me every single day. Girls hate me, no matter what I do (or don't) do. I'm always the weird outlier.

Oh, there I go again.

I think I'll clean my cube today.
Insensitive fucking coworkers.

Grrr. Now I'm mad! Great way to start the day! Ok, c'mon Acorn. Buck up and smell the cat hair. Life is good. It's Friday the 13th.

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