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2011-05-28 - 5 hour energy made me do an entry tonight, Friday night

Dudes, it was 100 degrees today, it's fucking scorching. Here we go: Houston summer. High humidity, too.

Went to see Combichrist tonight, fucking badass show. Was on the edge of the moshpit the whole night, got knocked around a bit, loving every goddamn minute of it. Sometimes I just need that hardcore electronic beat enveloping my whole being like it did tonight. Got a T-shirt from the opening band: iVardensphere. Super nice guys from the land of Canada, Edmonton. And then some other band from NY called Star Killer, they ended their set with "Just One Fix" by Ministry, on the album "Psalm 69", which I JUST SO HAPPENED to be wearing a Ministry T-shirt from the Psalm 69 tour from the early 90's. Fuck yeah.

I've been working really hard lately at my job. I've been showing interest in the biz side of things, but I'll tell ya it's not my strong point. I want to learn. Next month, I'll have been at this job 4 years. After 5 years, I'll get 15 vacation days a year instead of 10. What a fucking joke. Americans: working IS your vacation. A vacation is really just working from a different location. Even on my days off, I still have to check my email. It's almost halfway thru the year, and I've yet to take 1 vacation day. How am I going to fit in 10? Scheduling vacation days is really stressful. I cannot imagine how people over in Europe get SIX WEEKS OFF! I would kill to have 6 weeks off in a row. It would be so awesome to just unplug (literally) for 6 weeks. ...I'd probably go cuckoo, though - I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

I'm really addicted to Twitter. I've got this one account I have in a list (I'm not following them, and I've set the list as private) that tweets 911 calls on Friday & Saturday nights from this town I used go to college in, plus my older sister lives there. A little slice o life, that it is. Tonight a pizza delivery car got in a fender bender with a motorcycle, and they Tweeted, "Somebody's gonna get their pizza delivered late tonight!"

Oh god, that's funny. I really appreciate humor, wit, and razor sharp timing. And proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

My bladder is super full, and I've got 2 kitties pinning me down in bed. It's 2:15 am and I'm wide the fuck awake because I drank a 5 hour energy before the Combichrist show tonight. I'm fucking WIRED still. People are starting to get home from the bars at our apartment complex, I can hear their loud, drunken voices in the hallway, and the courtyard thru our bedroom windows.

My feet are killing me because the boots I wore tonight to the show were too tight. Ow. I was jumping around at the edge of the moshpit like a fucking motherfucker. Ow.

We watched a cool movie on Netflix the other day called TiMER, it was so good! It was slightly scifi.

I am stoked they are going to remake Total Recall.

Now drunk people in the garage, one drunk person's car alarm is going off.

Richard's in bed with me sawing logs, boy can that man snore! It doesn't bother my sleeping at all, I'm so at ease with him in bed. It's nice. But right now, it's just hilarious.

Ok, I can no longer ignore my bladder. I totally rehydrated when we got home tonight by drinking 2 full glasses of water, and it's made its journey through my kidneys to my bladder successfully. Go renal system!

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