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2011-06-01 - Smoking

I was so busy at work yesterday, I didn't have time to eat lunch. Luckily at 2 there appeared some birthday cake (god bless the corporate world sometimes), so I scarfed that down.

Drove home after work and worked out in front of the TV to the kinect. I'm loving these workouts. Afterwards, made a sensible dinner for me and Richard.

I gained 3 pounds over the long weekend.

I didn't ride my bike at all. It's getting to be that lovely time of year in Houston where you stay indoors 24/7. Well, unless you can get a ride in before 9 or 10 am, you're pretty much asking for heatstrokes and migraines. Me, anyway.

When I'm not riding my bike regularly, I don't need as much food, and I forget that. Hence the 3 pounds.

I need to clean the apartment again, the cat hair is starting to appear in little balls in the corners of the living room, where there's not any carpet. Gross. I love cats, but damn, cat hair is gross.

We are moving in 2 months. Our rent is way too high, and our complex has become a very popular place for douchebags to live. We've been here 2+ years. Plus, we are thinking we don't really need a 2 bedroom, but I protest that because I insist on keeping my (4) bicycles indoors. I will never keep my bikes outside, or in a garage, no way. So, maybe we can find a place with a huge living room that can be partitioned off or something.

I dreamed just now, before my alarm went off, that I smoked some mary jane, and I was actually high in my dream. Last time I smoked was Xmas, and it really grossed me out.

Smoke in general has really been grossing me out. When we go to the bars, we have 2 smoker friends. Ugh, why do people smoke? I should know, I smoked for 3 years straight in college. You think it's cool at first, here, try a clove, then you get addicted and start buying camel lights. Then switch to marlboro reds, cuz that's what your cello-playing boyfriend from Latvia smokes. Then you quit cold turkey one day driving down I-35, and don't ever smoke cigarettes again, except for those few times when you were really wasted.

I've got to get up and get ready for work.

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