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2011-06-08 - free donuts

Sunday we ended up going back to the festival. We rode our bikes there this time, MUCH better than walking. It was over 100F that day. When we got to the first stage, it starting raining. It was so strange. Big huge cold raindrops, sporadic. It didn't pour, it was very refreshing. We saw 3 bands total, the first 2 were local, the 3rd one was Guitar Wolf! I was beyond happy to finally check them out. They're this "jet rock n roll" band from Japan, they're insane. I was in the mosh pit and everything, sweating my fucking ass off. Richard was on the sidelines.

Then we rode our bikes home, took a shower, and enjoyed the rest of our Sunday indoors, with the air conditioning set on 69.

I won more tickets on Twitter yesterday! I frickin love Twitter, have I told you this? Yes I have. Anyway, I got tix to see this movie thing called "Cute", which was a mashup of all these cute videos from YouTube with dogs, kitties, rabbits, kids, and all kinds of different animals being ridiculously adorable.

Today at work I solved lots of problems for my minions. I'm the MAN.

I saw a hawk on the outside of my work parking garage Monday morning. It was perched on a light fixture. There were 3 or 4 mockingbirds dive-bombing it and screeching at it, and it was just sitting there, not even bothered in the slightest. Nobody else was around for me to share the experience with, I'd arrived to work a little early. THEN they had free donuts in the hallway, so I took 2, and ate half of one and brought the other one home for Richard. I can't eat a whole donut anymore, it makes me sick and gives me heartburn.

Dude my kitty was cracking me UP this morning when I was doing stuff on my yoga mat with my morning workout. I took some pics and posted them on Twitter. She's nuts and makes me laugh so hard sometimes.

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