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2011-06-16 - Jump ropes entry

I'm taking tomorrow off work, but I still have to check my email from home throughout the day. Work's been keeping me very, very busy.

I made dinner tonight, Spanish rice and limeade/white wine/garlic chicken. Yes, I made it and it rocked. I make up recipes while I'm in the kitchen, from existing ingredients.

Went to see She Wants Revenge last weekend, I was a scourge that night. A total philistine. I thought I'd put all that angry shit behind me. Apparently not. Things are OK now.

Because I got the new Neil Young and the new Cars albums. I bought them at the local record shop because that's how I like to roll.

We have to move soon, to someplace cheaper... which means smaller. I'm already going thru boxes in my closet, giving stuff to Goodwill. I never really went thru all my stuff after the divorce, it was too hard. This one box, I had saved ALL of the cards from the actual wedding day WHICH WAS OVER 9 YEARS AGO. Score: found $20 in a graduation card from my ex-husband's parents, from when I got my MS, December 2006.

I had a dream the other night about jump ropes. They were EVERYWHERE! People were using them, or they were just lying around on the ground as I walked around the streets, I was in a town I didn't recognize.

The kitties are being ultra adorable tonight.

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