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2011-06-18 - piņa colada night

Kinda hungover this morning. I started out with beer while we were out at dinner at this bar we consider a neighborhood establishment to get really tasty food at, but it's now overrun by douchbags and blonde girls. We still like to go eat there, and the staff there loves us cuz we're regulars. We stick out like sore thumbs, though. It's hilarious and we don't care. So after dinner I got it in my head I wanted a piņa colada, but the bartender didn't have all the ingredients, so he made me on the rocks: Malibu rum, pineapple juice, and some lime (at my request) and it was so yummy. Then I wanted to go someplace downtown, sometimes I just yearn to be around the tall buildings on every side (maybe kinda how some people yearn to be around the mountains, if they grew up around mountains.) I grew up in a fairly large city (San Antonio) and we made frequent trips to downtown as a kid, and I loved it. My dad knew the city like the back of his hand, he grew up on the streets and sold newspapers on the corner in the 50's. So anyway, Richard drove downtown near this park where they're having the senior Olympics this weekend, I knew it'd be deserted, because old people go to bed early. We had a drink at a hotel bar (hotel bars are great, by the way), and this time I had a frozen piņa colada, and it was quite tasty, as well! After that, we walked around the park and then got back in the car and drove to our next stop to go dancing! Ok, so at this club, I pretty much only drink margaritas, because they are strong, and you only need 1 and it doesn't make you all bloated and full like beer, so you can dance and dance and dance!! They gave me and Richard 2-for-1 cover because (again) we're regulars and they like us. MAN, the air conditioning wasn't working so I didn't dance at first cuz I knew I was going to get sweaty as fuck. Finally I succumbed to the 2nd margarita and Depeche Mode, and told that dancefloor who was boss... me.

Beer, piņa coladas, and margaritas = advil for breakfast.

Today we're apartment shopping. Richard's out getting us breakfast tacos. I love him so much. We talked the other day, had THE TALK, and it was, it was just really honest and real and full of love and happiness and wonder and fear and trust. I don't know what else to say here, so I'll just, you know, put a period at the end of this sentence that I invented.

I'm listening to all this Hal Hartley soundtrack music this morning while Richard was out at a client's. I love Hal Hartley movies so much, it makes me cry.

In bed, still, with Niko at my side. She's all snuggled in close to my body for warmth.

I hear breakfast tacos coming home.

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