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2011-06-21 - piņa coladas again on my brain

Sunday we drove around our favorite parts of the city for 2 hours looking at apartments. Richard drove, I had a pad of paper and a pen, furiously writing stuff down as we drove by apartment complexes.

Then he took my notes and composed an email to the both of us with links to all the potentials. The list has over 30 places on it! So, we both are going do some research, and reconvene when we have time, probably will be next week.

I've already started going thru my crap. I've taken 2 boxes of clothes to Goodwill, along with 2 more boxes of other crap. I have a lot of useless stuff in my possession, apparently, left over from the divorce, still.

I'm selling one of my (4) bicycles tonight, cheap. I'm losing $$ on it, for sure, but I don't care. I'm selling it to a friend from my bike team who is broke and really excited about it. I'm being way too nice.

Last night Richard bought me all the ingredients for an on-the-rocks piņa colada recipe I found, I'm so excited! Don't know when I'll be making it, but soon, I hope! He doesn't like coconut, so it'll just be me, unless I invite someone over.

Got to go work out now.

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