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2011-06-22 - This is the entry where I talk about vegetables

I'm at work. A huge thunderstorm just blew through, and now the power is out.

When I told Richard I was selling one of my bikes, he flipped out. He was like, "That's your FAVORITE bike! It's the only bike you've been absolutely gaga over!" But I just blew him off. Then he got in my head. I was supposed to sell it last night, but called the whole thing off yesterday morning. My friend was extremely understanding, thank god. I just can't part with my Panasonic, I can't! It's just such a cool fucking bike! Steel frame, yellow and black original custom paint job, I put these badass yellow and black tires on it, the rims are this cool light copper color, I've put over $700 into this bike. Yeah, I'm keepin it.

And we don't even know for sure if we're moving into a 1 bedroom, so.

We went grocery shopping last night and got so much cool stuff! Fruits and vegetables in particular. We got home, put away the groceries, and I immediately got started on dinner. I sautéed in olive oil: whole button mushrooms, long green beans, and whole cherry tomatoes. Seasoned with salt, white pepper (I ground the peppercorns into a fine powder with my mortar and pestle) and cracked black pepper. It was so yummy. We hadn't had vegetables in the house for a while, so my body was CRAVING.

Oop, the power just came back on. Gotta hit the salt mines.

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