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2011-07-04 - 4th of July entry

Today I don't have to go to work because it's a national holiday. Hooray USA!

I'm about to get up out of bed. I got a bike ride in an hour with the same chick I rode with Saturday. We rode 39 miles. I thwarted a migraine by preemptively eating Advil throughout the course of the ride. It worked! Apparently the heat is a trigger for my migraines. I used to get all those fancy drugs from my Dr., but I don't anymore. Don't know how many miles we'll ride today. I froze my camelback last night, so now it's a 70 ounce block of ice. You'd be amazed how quickly it melts in this Texas heat. FAST.

I trimmed Niko's claws this weekend with the Pedipaws contraption. She lets me do it, she doesn't really struggle. She'll let out a couple pitiful meows, but nothing else. I think she realizes it's for her own benefit.

Saturday night I was all pumped that we were gonna see Trollhunter at the midnight movie. It was the only time/location in this whole damn city where it was being shown. So we'd been out drinking with some friends of Richard's, and it was nearing the time we needed to leave for the movie. But his friends talked us out of going because they REALLY wanted to hang with us. I wasn't happy with this, but agreed to compromise because these were people who he does business with, and, you know, these kinds of nights of male bonding are important and shit. I get that. I wasn't happy about it, but I got it. So then his friends were all "Let's all go to a different bar!" So we all took separate cars to meet up at the new bar. When we got there, come to find out all those fuckers bailed on us! I was pissed! I'd missed my Trollhunter movie for NOTHING! Aaaarrrrghh! Richard wasn't too happy either.

At least Friday night was good. We had dinner and went to 1 bar with 2 of my girl riding friends, and I had piņa coladas again, that shit is good! Came home early so I wasn't too too hungover for the 39 mile ride the next day.

Yesterday was ok. We stayed in most the day lounging around on the couch with the kitties. Watched "Layer Cake" on Netflix. I worked out with the Kinect for an hour and a half, then lifted some weights. (I just have 2 and 3 pound weights that I slang around.) Then we ventured out for margaritas at this place that turned out to have such shitty service that we complained to the manager. They took off 4 of our drinks from the tab. The food was GREAT, though. They have this killer jicama cucumber salad that's spicy, it's so good. I got that, plus an order of guacamole. I've been on this guacamole kick lately. And also a vegetarian kick.

I want to make those lentil patties for lunch after my bike ride. That means I have to remember to put them in to soak when I get up, before the ride, which means NOW. But I have a kitty cat pinning me down in bed! All 12 pounds of her.

I've got all of my Hal Hartley soundtrack musics playing on shuffle now on my computer in the bedroom. Love it.

After a week, my dad's quit calling me. He was calling me 2 or 3 times a day this past week. He was even using my poor mom and having her call and leave messages. I didn't listen to his messages. I did listen to a couple of hers. They sounded forced. I sent her weekly snail-mail letter on Friday with some pictures from our trip to my older sister's place, I printed them from a color printer. That's all I can do for my mom, is that weekly snail-mail letter.

I've got an hour before my friend comes over to ride. She loves riding. I'm a stronger rider than her, but she hasn't been riding a year. She told me she wants to get as strong as me and kick my ass riding one day, it was hilarious and I love her spunk! She's, like, 10 years younger than me. I told her she's got no excuse to not be a better rider than me because she's got youth on her side.

I still love twitter. I had to drop a bunch of twitter-ers because they tweeted too much and clogged up my timeline with useless stuff. I added them to my lists, though, so I won't forget them. That's the cool thing about a list, if you make a list private, the tweeter doesn't know you're following them. It does have the potential to be stalker-y, yes.

We made no progress finding a new apartment this weekend. We've got less than a month to move.

I had another piņa colada last night at that place we like to eat/drink at where we don't fit in, but the staff likes us. On the rocks, though. He put a little half-n-half in to make it foamy, and I was worried it was going to mess me up because my lactose intolerance, but so far so good. I'm finding I can tolerate small amounts of milk/lactose, if it's not on an empty stomach. YAY!

I should get up. I need to get ready to ride. My friend'll be here in 45 minutes.

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