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2011-07-13 - Death by July

Last Saturday we looked for apartments for 6 hours, and Sunday we looked for 4 hours. It was exhausting, but we got some leads. This evening I got off early from work so we could check out another location, and then ended up looking at one more place after that... they had an apartment we really, really liked. And it's actually the same complex where Richard lived when we first started dating, so it already has lots of great memories. I think we may have found the place, guys! We've been searching and searching, and it's really coming down to the wire. We have to be out of our current location by August 6th. With this new place, we can start moving stuff in as early as next week. That'll give us 3 weeks to move, which is great. I mean, moving still sucks big donkey dick, but if you can move it little by little, I think that's better.

I haven't told you my Allegra story! I quit Allegra cold-turkey about 2 weeks ago, and my body's been fucking wigging OUT, man! My symptoms started about a week after I ceased daily consumption, and I thought at first I was going cuckoo until I did a bit of searching on the internet. I almost caved yesterday, it was really bad, but I suffered through it. Mainly it's these intense bouts of itching in random parts of my body. It'll start one place for 20 minutes and I'll go all crazy scratching, then it'll stop. Then it starts up in another part, and keep going! It was driving me bonkers! Only since Monday does it seem like it's subsiding considerably. Some sites say the itching is from an existing allergy that the Allegra was preventing, but shit, I don't remember being this allergic to anything. I've been taking Allegra pretty much daily since I moved to Houston, which was 2003. I don't know if I'll never take allergy medicine ever again, maybe I'll try Claritin. I know I can't take Zyrtec because it gives me dizzy spells. I know I can't take plain old benadryl because I get rashes all over my body. Houston is terrible when it comes to allergens, there's a legitimate reason why I started taking Allegra in the first place.

Jesus. If it's not one weird thing going on with my body, it's another!

Saturday night we saw Crispin Glover's performance, followed by a movie he helped make about a wheelchair bound dude with cerebral palsy who fucks hot chicks and then strangles them. It was borderline pornographic, you see his hard cock and everything! So bizarre, a little disturbing, errr.

I got a raise the other day, totally unexpected. My boss actually said I've been rockin it this past year with my new position and all. She said I'm extremely organized. Woohoo! More beer money! And a good thing too, cuz we'll be needing it with this move and all. Money, I mean. Yeah, and we'll need beer, too. Ha.

Friday I'm flying to Florida to be with my mom, sisters, and some peeps from my mom's side of the family. The father is not invited, of course. I hope my little sister's husband isn't coming, I'm dreading his passive-aggressive bullshit. He does it in a way where nobody sees/hears it except the one he's being passive/aggressive towards. Ugh. I'm really glad my older sister's gonna be there, she rules. It would be even better if Richard was coming, but, alas, he has to work. I'm returning Sunday morning. Yep, it's a short trip.

Rode my bike 37 miles Sunday.

My hair continues to grow. It's a little ratty, still. I'm washing it once a week, and conditioning the ends after I shampoo. I used rollers on it the other day and it looked great. I might be investing in some hot rollers in the near future. I don't want to use a curling iron, that would really fucking fry my hair. I'll keep you posted.

Oh yeah, and then on the 24th I'm flying to Dallas for a conference. When I get back we'll be full-swing into moving.

This month is going to kill me.

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